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By Glen Thompson


November 19, 2006

From my brief stint in politics I have found that both sides of any issue tend to have valid points and consolidation is no different:

It is inefficient (and ludicrous) to have TWO governments in an island community of 13,000. We have created two classes of citizens and many inequities of which KPU, sales tax and the Dock project are recent examples.

Consolidation is an abrupt and far-reaching change that does not GUARANTEE a better situation so "keep the devil we know". Until it happens, we don't really know what it may cost or what the future holds.

But, at the end of the day, there are never any guarantees. Government keeps expanding and taxes go up. Will the world end if we consolidate? I guess that depends on who we elect to represent us if that happens. Will the new Assembly have the courage to make the tough decisions? Will things get worse if we don't consolidate? We don't know that for sure either

Ultimately, the world is run by those who show up. To really have your voice heard, which I assume if you care enough to read this letter or post a reply, remember, at least VOTE.

Your elected consolidation commission did the best job they could to reach consensus, compromise and equity between the two government corporations, the needs of the citizens and the requirements of the State.

Regardless of whether consolidation passes or not, the elected representatives are the ones making decisions for you, like it or not. Elect those who represent your views.

In my mind, the inequities under the current system are dividing this community and will only get worse (read: cost more) in the long term. I plan on voting for unity.

Thanks for listening.

Glen Thompson
Ward Cove, AK

Received November 18, 2006 - Published November 19, 2006

About: "Ketchikan resident since 1987, Chair of the voter-elected Consolidation Commission, Borough Assembly since 2004."


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