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Re: Alaskans investing in Alaska
By Rudy McGillvray


November 17, 2006

I agree totally with the other two writers about 'Alaskans investing in Alaska' -- aside from my objections to the distribution of interest earned by the Permanent Fund.

We perhaps need a state referendum to allow the Perm Fund to be invested in Alaska's growing infrastructure, and EDUCATION!!! And an investment by the P.F. in an "All Alaskan" gas distribution pipeline(s), would, in my opinion, be an excellent way to start using the P.F. for the benefit of our great State and its citizens.

The capital amount plus interest would be paid back by the use of the gas pipeline(s) and sales of liquefied natural gas to those who would buy it. Any other local investments would do the same, excepting education, because an investment in education would in itself, be paid back by allowing our young people to be educated in Alaska, and perhaps remaining here to put their educated skills to work at home.

Any other investments in Alaska by the Perm Fund such as, roads, bridges, hospitals, govt. buildings, would be paid back through the use of tolls and rents on those facilities.

I have long admired and respected the founders of the Permanent Fund, but I feel that they did not go far enough in extractive taxes that put money into the Permanent Fund. All extractive activities of non-renewable resources in out state should be taxed, and a portion of those taxes remanded to the Permanent Fund. Including but not limited to, mining, fishing and timber. Even though some of those activities take place on "Federal Land". Those extracted resources have to cross "State Land" to be exported, and as such, a transfer tax should be levied.

Yours for a healthy state economy and Permanent Fund,

Rudy McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 17, 2006 - Published November 17, 2006

About: Alan R. McGillvray is a "50 odd year resident of Ketchikan and Alaska."


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