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It may not be to 'nowhere', but it's still an outrageous waste.
By Peter Stanton


November 23, 2006
Thursday PM

I can say, growing up in this town, that I really care about the future of Ketchikan, just as Mr. Mackie apparently does. But this is exactly why I disapprove of building the Gravina bridge. This project is a ridiculous waste of money and doesn't even merit an in-depth cost-benefit analysis. Just one sentence should suffice:

The plan is to spend tens of millions of dollars to build a bridge that may actually discourage cruise ships from coming here (our largest source of income, in case you didn't know) so that we can 'develop' pretty poor land and drive to an airport that already has quite adequate ferry access.

It seems pretty impressive that our town might have a bridge taller than Brooklyn's and almost as long as the Golden Gate. But what purpose will this serve? I think we have enough land available for development before we need to build such a bridge to access remote, mountainous muskeg areas. And as to the airport? We may as well build another one on Reveilligigeido if having it across the narrows is such an issue.

Alright, so perhaps you still want to have a bridge. We're from Ketchikan, let's take all the money we can for our town. That seems to be the attitude of the men who represent us in congress. Let's disregard the fact that in the Transportation Equity Act of last year distributed $1,500 per Alaskan while the average for the nation was $86 per person. Or better yet, flaunt that fact and boast that the nation's taxpayers give us more money.

There are thousands of ways all that money could be better spent across the nation or here in Ketchikan. The attitude of politicians grabbing as much money as they can for the area they represent, regardless of whether the endeavor is worth it, is not one of progress, but one of greed.

Peter Stanton
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 23, 2006 - Published November 23, 2006

About: "A fifteen year old student at Ketchikan High School"


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