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Ketchikan's Bridge Needed
By Forrest Mackie


November 22, 2006


You have done a good job of allowing people to air their opinion and I thank you.. I have read down through the letters and it is really disgusting to hear and to read the letters from these people all over the country voicing opinions about our town and our endeavors! I have lived here since 1960 when I moved here from Craig. My dad was a logger and we came here in 1954 (to Edna Bay, Alaska) when the Pulp Mill first started up. At the time they were the largest employer in the state of Alaska and the State of Alaska begged them to start the mill because the state wanted jobs.

They operated for 42 years and were the largest employer in the state until the pipeline, then environmentalists (we don't even know who they are) were able to shut it down. I graduated high school here and worked at KPC for 22 years, it was a great place to work and I feel privileged to have met and worked with some of the finest people in the world here in Ketchikan.

Don Hoff is my friend, but since he chooses not to live here I wish he would keep his biased opinion there where he lives. We do need that bridge!!! It's not for the people of Gravina, it's for the Airport (we have a million people coming and going out of Ketchikan every year), and it is also for our (and our kids') future. They shut down our Pulp Mill and I want the jobs and the structure that it will add to our town,

Forrest Mackie
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 21, 2006 - Published November 22, 2006



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