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Open Sign Policy
By Dave Price, Rick Ruaro & Dennis Pope


November 22, 2006

We would like to make a statement in regards to the use of our building at 918 Water St. which is also known as First City Electric.

Only recently has it become an issue for which people felt the need to approach us and confront us with the signs that have been placed upon our building.

There never has been any preference as to which signs can be placed upon our building.

This building has hosted signs for political campaigns, non-profit organizations, sporting events, local arts productions, youth sports activities, churches, and numerous other organizations and affiliations of Ketchikan.

It has never been and never will be our practice to promote only the people and/or issues of the signs that are placed upon our building.

We have always had an "open sign" policy on our building and the only thing that we would ever ask of people is that they remove their signs so that we don't have to pay our employees to take them down (which would equal an 18 pack penalty for the provider of the sign).

In fact, the only thing that we could promote is the fact that we feel EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE!

Dave Price
Rick Ruaro
Dennis Pope
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Owners of First City Electric and the building located at 918 Water Street."



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