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Who pays for your bridge?
By Rob Glenn


November 23, 2006
Thursday PM

I know Ketchikan people feel they should have the right to choose what they get and that the rest of the country should bud out of their business.

But who is going to pay for the 300+ million dollars for the bridge? Ketchikan? Ketchikan residents? Fact of the matter is that ALOT of the money is coming from people who pay taxes in the lower 48. Therefore making the bridge all of our business. Whether we live in NY, Fla, Cali, TN, or Alaska we are still paying for that bridge if they build it. And so therefore, the people in the Lower 48 should be told the truth about Ketchikan and the surrounding area.

Unfortunately we get politicians who side with their buddies with out knowing the truth. We get people like Stevens who throws fits. He was going to quit if Alaska did not get the money... Booo Hooo.

How about this one..... add his proposals for the money to a defense bill. What politician in his or her right mind is not going to pass a bill funding the troops, military, and well Ted's Alaska propasal. They were stuck. No choice.

I would be to say that if the residents of Ketchikan and the state of Alaska said, we will be funding this bridge solely on our own, the rest of the country (well aside from those concerned about native sites) would not say a word.

Your bridge, is our bridge, and a lot of the country can't see needing it for the population of Ketchikan. Even in the tourist summer.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

Received November 22, 2006 - Published November 23, 2006

About: Former Ketchikan resident.



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