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Can Democrats tackle Social Security?
By Mary J. McLaughlin


November 17, 2006

Regarding Jay Ambrose's column dated Nov. 17th - Can Democrats tackle Social Security? We can't change Social Security for those on Social Security, but we should be able to PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY on those just entering the work force.

The amount deducted by payroll and the matched amount by the employer, belong to the employee, not the government. In case of death, the money would go to the second name in the account.

According to the news, the "Earnings Suspense File" which grows at a rate of $6 billion a year, now stands over $376 Billion. The Social Security account was over $400 billion at one time.

According to the news, our government is using these accounts. The accounts should be frozen, and not used by our government.

Mary J. McLaughlin
Newport Beach, CA

Received November 16, 2006 - Published November 17, 2006



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