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By Rob Glenn


November 17, 2006

There is sure a lot of crying about the airport and how to get there.

So would it not be less expensive to build an airport on Revilla...... Wasn't that once on the plans? I mean wow that is a big Island with lots of open land. You would need no bridge, no ferry, just some roads leading to the airport. You would never get wet, never have to walk up a ramp, and you won't have an ugly steel bridge that will eventually over time get rusty spanning in your pristine wilderness? No one would even see the airport on the island unless you needed to go somewhere. It sure would not be any louder then the flights in and out now, and those annoying 6 am sea planes in the summer.

As for breaking away from the Union as proposed by Ms. Lester.... see ya. Think you are having a lot of outside opinion concerning money to Alaska now..... wait till you can't get any.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

Received November 16, 2006 - Published November 17, 2006

About: A former resident of Ketchikan.



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