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Same sex Schoenbar
By Anita Hales


November 22, 2006

I just watched Kay Baily Huchinson on Fox News talk about having same sex classes in public schools.

According to Huchinson, grades go up and some behavioral problems diminish in a same sex classroom.
It has been proved that boys do better in English and girls do better in math and sciences in a same sex environment in the classroom.

Having had children go through the Ketchikan schools, I think there might be some merit, particularly for Schoenbar age students to have same sex classes.

Middle School age children are having maturing pains and it's bad enough to deal with more difficult classes than to deal with the opposite sex.

As a bus driver, I saw first hand the things boys and girls do to impress each other. It sometimes created discipline problems on the bus. I can imagine how this plays out in a classroom.

So if that element is removed, it makes sense that students would be more able to focus on the business at hand - learning.

As the Ketchikan school district prepares to get its middle school re-opened and back in business, maybe its time parents and educators think about some ways to improve the learning environment to catch up on what we've lost in this whole construction debacle.

Perhaps we should investigate the possiblity of having same sex classes for some subjects offered in Schoenbar and maybe other schools in the district as well.

Anything that would help our students focus on school work and do better should be implemented.

It's time to start the discussion.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan mother, grandmother and former school bus driver."


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