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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
August 23, 2010

jpg Ketchikan -- 1905

Ketchikan Celebrates Milestone
Ketchikan - 1905
William R. Norton. Photographs, ca. 1890-1920
Photo Courtesy Alaska State Library - Historical Collections



Ketchikan: Ketchikan Celebrates Milestone By DAVE KIFFER - Ketchikan turns 110 years old this week.

On August 18, 1900, Ketchikan residents voted to incorporate and on August 25, 1900, the election board certified the results and Ketchikan became a "city."

The town population in that year was approximately 400, but the need to provide for a school ­ and collect taxes for it - was at the forefront of the incorporation drive. The incorporation petition also cited the need to "provide for good order, health and public wants."

Left unstated was the "battle" going on between Ketchikan and the nearby community of Loring for supremacy/existence. Loring had been founded in the early 1880s and featured a large cannery and one of the world's largest salmon hatcheries. At time when Ketchikan was little more than a couple of shacks clustered around what was then called "Fish Creek" Loring had a population of between 200 and 300 people by the early 1890s.

But what Ketchikan had, and Loring wanted, was control of the giant salmon runs that returned to "Fish Creek."

In fact, a physical battle had taken place earlier in the summer of 1900 as fishermen from Loring had fought with fishermen from Ketchikan (a new cannery, owned by Fidalgo Island Packing was taking shape south of Fish Creek) over the ability to put nets at the mouth of the creek. That fight would eventually play out in the federal courts before a decision would be reached that no single company could "own" a creek.

The two communities also fought over which one would be "customs" station for vessels entering Southeast Alaska from the south. It was a lucrative position because all ships would be required to stop there. Ketchikan also won that battle and that was the end of Loring's efforts to be the dominant community in the area. Although it was the height of the busy summer season, August 18, 1900 was a quieter than normal summer day in Ketchikan.

For one thing, all the saloons, dance halls and card rooms were closed.

It was the law in the then Military District of Alaska, that those businesses and some others of even less repute should be closed on election day. So from 8 am to 7 pm, entertainment options were severely limited.

The petition for incorporation of Ketchikan had been filed on July 16, 1900 in the First Judicial District for Alaska. The petition noted there were 800 "bona fide" residents of Ketchikan, a number that was undoubtedly "inflated" in order to make Ketchikan appear to be a more substantial community. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

Fish Factor: Biggest assists from RTCP program aimed at high fuel costs By LAINE WELCH - Alaska farmers - and that includes shellfish growers - are eligible for reimbursements from the federal government for getting their goods both to and from the farm.

The so called Reimbursement Transportation Cost Payment Program was included in the 2008 Farm Bill to help 'geographically disadvantaged' farmers and ranchers by covering a portion of their transportation costs. The $2.6 million program applies only to Alaska, Hawaii and the US territories.

"The program recognizes that to operate a farming business in Alaska, including shellfish farms, is much more expensive. So it tries to level the playing field a bit," said Danny Consenstein, state director of the Alaska Farm Service Agency, a part of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

"Almost anything that you had to buy to produce your product likely has some kind of transportation component to its cost, and we will pay a percentage of that," he explained.

The reimbursement program will pay 25% of transportation costs based on the federal fiscal year, which in this case covers October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010. The reimbursement program is targeted to smaller, family size operations, Consenstein said, so big corporate farms need not apply. There also is a reimbursement cap of $8,000.

One of the biggest assists from the RTCP program is aimed at high fuel costs.

"Whether you're a barley farmer in Delta or a shellfish farmer at Prince of Wales, fuel is a big part of the cost of doing business. What we ask you for is a dollar amount - how much you paid in fuel to run your business this year," Consenstein said.

The application period is open now through September 10th.

"That's another reason I really encourage people to apply for transportation reimbursements," Consenstein said. "This is the first year for the program, and it would be good to demonstrate to Congress how much interest there is in it."

Contact the Farm Service Agency in Palmer (907-761-7738) or on the web at www.fsa.usda/ak

Growing opportunities

Alaska has 67 permitted shellfish farms; of that, 25 are currently operating - 10 in Southeast and 15 in the Southcentral region. Oysters are the primary crop, and to a lesser degree, littleneck clams. The combined market value last year was just under $500,000.

The state has been very supportive of the fledgling mariculture industry, and there are now shellfish hatcheries at Seward and Prince of Wales Island. The Kachemak Shellfish Growers Cooperative in Homer has a big new facility and the Oceans Alaska center in Ketchikan aims to be a global leader in aquatic farming. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010


Basic Rules

Questions, please contact the editor at editor@sitnews.us or call 617-9696.

letter PRO JOE MILLER By Andy Rauwolf - VOTERS BEWARE: Did you know that Lisa Murkowski is considered by the Obama Administration to be a key swing voter along with Blanch Lincoln, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snow? Did you know that their allies are dumping thousands of dollars into her campaign? Just look at Lisa's voting record. She has crossed the isle to side with the democrats over 300 times. We need a real Republican to represent Alaska, not a "Republican in name only." - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterVote Senator Murkowski - the True Alaskan By Kimberly Stone - Last Summer I spent a month working for Senator Lisa Murkowski, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was it a great learning opportunity for me, but it was amazing to see the senator in action. I watched her fight against the health care bill, work towards a comprehensive energy bill without cap and trade, and most impressive of all, listen to each and every one of her constituents. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterJoe Miller for Effective Leadership By Sandy Powers - In a recent Juneau Empire article, Lisa Murkowski is quoted as saying, "Seniority means something in the senate", apparently as a selling point for her re-election bid. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterLIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES By Terri Jirschele - 30 years ago my husband and I chose to move to the Community of Ketchikan, Alaska. We chose to work and make our home here. Not too long after, we purchased a wonderful spot in the Knudson Cove area and called it home for 18 years. When we became "empty nesters" we chose to move to town for a while. And Yes. 11 years ago we chose to move to Pennock Island. - More...
Monday - august 23, 2010

letterYES on Prop. 1 and NO on Prop. 2 By Dawn R. Rauwolf - I am going to vote YES on Prop. 1 and NO on Prop. 2 on Tuesday. I live within the city limits, yet, I drive to get into town. It is actually easier to drive to Copper Ridge than it is to drive to downtown. I imagine a bus ride would be just as easy; we have a great bus system. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterRE: Library Location Can't Recreate The Past By Patrick Jirschele - In Eric Muench's letter he asks the question, "Should our needed new library be built in a location favored by the City Council, or should it be forced into a restricted area of downtown?" - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterLibrary By Charles Edwardson - I am amused and disappointed at the same time. Recently I wrote about our high school kids not meeting the national standards -- and not one single response. But we can't worry about such things. Let's talk about some thing really important MAYBE THEY NEED A NEW FRIGGIN LIBRARY. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterLibrary By Kevin Gadsey - As a newer resident of Ketchikan (3.5 years), I've been watching the library saga unfold while sensing the anger, sadness, and passion in citizens' voices. Simply put, our community is completely unified in the need for a new library, but completely divided on the location. We are divided as vehicle users versus bus riders/walkers AND we are divided as North versus South residents. I've seen this evident while setting up support groups around town. People near A&P refused to come downtown, and people downtown refused to go past the Plaza. In some cases, we set up two support groups, and sometimes, we just had to choose the best location where the most people would attend. - More...
Monday - august 23, 2010

letterLibrary By Larry Jackson - My head is spinning from the library controversy.  Ketchikan has fell into the bi-polar psychosis talking past each other like a bad family argument. So I don't believe my letter will sway anyone, but I would like to  add a couple of things and I hope they don't add to others "righteous" rage. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterLove Your Library! By Amanda Kiely - City voters have an incredibly important and far reaching decision to make this Tuesday regarding the location of a new public library. The issue is not just about whether you prefer Copper Ridge or downtown. There is state funding in the amount of 6 million dollars at stake (half of the project's projected cost) and voting to build the library anywhere within city limits, rather than limiting it to downtown, is our best chance at receiving this funding. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterLibrary Vote Tuesday, August 24 By Kathy Flora - If you have ANY questions or confusion about City Propositions No.1 and No.2, call our hot line at 617-2287.   - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010

letterKetchikan Airport By Joey Garcia - I am writing about the news that the State of Alaska has been thinking of operating the Ketchikan International Airport. In my observation, there are pros and cons owing to the reason that if the Borough continues to handle the airport needs, they seem to have an internal power play that, in my opinion, crossed lines in such operation. We wonder if the State of Alaska can be gauged on applying the international standards as what the Anchorage airport can offer, thus fitting to be called INTERNATIONAL. - More...
Monday - August 23, 2010


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letterLibrary - What is Best ? By George Tipton - This issue has been looked at for years but finally a local group with the HELP of the Foraker Group has come up with alternatives and solutions. They looked at varying options with certain criteria so that all situations could be scored against equal comparables. I have been involved with these reviews on many proposed projects including the Weiss ballfields, the Indoor Rec Center, the new School, just to name a few. I do not advocate any particular location but look at the facts and history of a given situation. In 2004 & 2007, the City put out RFP's for Library locations. The criteria changed from approx. 16,000 sq. ft. to 23,000 sq. ft. There was no real reason given for the change but the City Council, including Mr. Bergeron accepted it - a mistake. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterAllow for a Location That Fits the Purpose By Alethea Johnson - I support the City's Proposition 1 because it gives the City Council power to choose a location for our new public library that will benefit the most residents of Ketchikan. The main purpose of the library is to meet community needs for information, programs and gathering spaces. Our public library should be centrally located, as large as we can afford, and easily accessible for all. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterYes on #2 By Mike Harpold - Every time I look out my front window at the Old Main School site, I appreciate the vision of the early leaders of our community who built the community's landmark school there. The site's present use as a parking lot is a pretty humble comedown. It would be a shame for our generation to pass up this opportunity to use the site for our library. I was disappointed that the arts and humanities people didn't choose it for a performing arts center. Someday, an outfit like Marriott is going to purchase the site and put up a multi-million dollar hotel. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterSupport Walker for Governor By Bob Fultz - We're at a cross roads with our State's future that needs your serious attention. Make a left and go down status quo road, also known as Route PP (Palin Parnell) to nowhere. With that in mind, brace yourself for a very rude awakening in the very near future as huge tax hikes will be necessary to make up for the revenues lost as the crude goes dry and other resources aren't developed necessary to run the State and other services we use and need. Take a right instead and head back to the road to prosperity that those of us that were around in the 70's and 80's enjoyed. - More...

letterA Tribute to "Uncle Ted" By Alice R. Brusich - Following the news of the death of Ted Stevens, my mind went on a trip down memory lane of my association with him from 1959 til' now. We first met at Washington D.C. in 1959 when I was there on official business with NAPUS (National Association of Postmasters of the United States) as secretary of Alaska Chapter #51; Alaska was just becoming a state. He was always gracious to me when I visited the Capitol as a representative of NAPUS or otherwise. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterThank You By Joe Miller - Thank you all for the warm welcome I received from you when I was in your lovely town. I enjoyed meeting and talking with each of you. Each warm handshake and cheerful smile meant a thousand words. It would be an honor to be your next US Senator. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letter Library Location By Glenna Bauer - I truly appreciate and use the Ketchikan public library. I am curious how the building of a new library at the Copper Ridge site, with potential outside financial assistance (other than our taxpayer dollars) can be held hostage by a group of self serving downtown business owners? What do they do to promote local use of the downtown area? On a recent Saturday, with no cruise ships in town, several of these key players in the ABC group were closed. What a coincidence! Here I thought they were all about serving the community of Ketchikan! Good thing I have now reconsidered my shopping options and will only purchase goods at stores owned and run by locals that are open year round, and are not open only for the tourist trade. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterRE: A Vote For Joe Miller is a Vote for the Constitution By Paul Jarvi - Ms Emmert: I get it Joe Miller is a "constitutional conservative." I believe he supports the original document and the 27 Amendments. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterLibrary -- More Info Please By Catherine Brown - When we voted on the new swimming pool I was very pleased with how things were handled overall. Designs were drawn up for each option with its corresponding cost estimate and the people had more information upon which to base their decision. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterThank You By Vicky Newlun - Ketchikan taxpayers thank you for providing the outstanding parks and public access areas that are accessible to our community. As a dog owner, my dog counts on his daily walks. Fortunately for us, our community makes available countless walking areas to choose from. Many of the public access areas are equipped with doggie clean up bags that are very much appreciated. - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterTime to Take a Stand By Nellie Miller - My heart goes out to and I agree with Kysa Barrett's letter regarding the abuse suffered by her son at daycare. My daughter was abused by her babysitter when only one and 1/2 by locking her in a windowless bathroom and turning off the lights. I found out one day when her older sister explained what was happening. I asked police at the time and they told me that unless there were physical indications nothing could be proved - her word against a 5 yr-old's. Of course, they never went back there again. That was about 13 years ago, and she still can't sleep without a light on! - More...
Saturday AM - August 21, 2010

letterRight Cost at the Right Time By Heidi Ekstrand - This coming Tuesday I will vote "Yes Please" on the library Proposition 1 to allow the city to build a new library anywhere within the city limits. And I will vote "No Thanks" to Proposition 2, which restricts a new library to a very limited section of the downtown core area on city-owned property. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterVote Yes on Proposition 1 & No on Proposition 2 By Chris J. Herby - Our local election on August 24th is going to decide something very important for our community. There are two ballot propositions that will determine the location of our new public library if one is built. It is unfortunate that only city residents can vote on this important issue. All of the residents of the Borough help pay for it and also have access to it. Even though it is unfortunate Borough residents can't vote on it, I still feel it is very important to build it in a location that all residents can have reasonable access to it. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterTime To Take A Stand By Kysa Barrett - Imagine for a minute: You get off work and you go to pick up your child from the babysitter. When you arrive the babysitter warns you that your two year old has a bad rash on his face. He hears you and runs to you, arms open. You look at your two year old and one entire side of his face is bruised. There's no rash, just severe bruising, and a bleeding cut under his eye. You take your boy to the ER because you KNOW these are injuries. Two doctors tell you your child is suffering from head trauma and the impact needed to leave the marks he had should have broke his neck and killed him instantly. He says that you are lucky he's alive. You file a report and she admits to what she has done. She is charged with a class C felony assault, but the trial gets pushed 15 months out and the babysitter gets to walk free until then. This seems completely unjust! - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterThe Logical Library Location By Heather Muench - On August 24th, voters will choose our new library location. One choice is a location within city limits, for which the City Council has chosen Copper Ridge, located on a neighborhood road near a major thoroughfare. The other, advocated by the ABC group, is to restrict the library to a heavily congested area downtown. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterYES on Proposition 1, NO on 2 By Kathy Flora - How wonderful it would be to have the library in the same neighbourhood as two elementary schools, Schoenbar Middle School, the Rec Center and our new pool. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterLibrary: Head Tax Money By Ace Chenhall - The statement made in "License to Spend" that head tax money could be used to fund a library goes way beyond deceptive, it's an outright lie. That money can only be used for tourist related development, which the library certainly is not. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterThe Better Choice: Weighing in on the Library By Katie Parrot - I agree wholeheartedly with John Scoblic. I also agree with Susan Peters when she writes: "As a successful private developer would say, 'The three most important ingredients of any project are: location, location, location.'" A bank that is poorly located will not prosper, nor a food store or an apparel shop. Neither will a public library. Acquiring anything less than the best site will prove a false economy in terms of the life-cycle costs of the library. Anything less than the best site will also hinder public use of this important community resource, except that we differ significantly in our ideas about what site fulfills this ideal." (Susan, I recommend reading Eric Muench's insightful and well-written letter posted on Sitnews.) - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterLisa Murkowski must go By James Bounds - Lisa Murkowski would not be a U.S. senator from Alaska if were not for her father Frank Murkowski appointing her when he was governor of Alaska. Lisa is a very bad choice to be re-elected as Alaska U.S. senator, and she has to go... - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letter Letter to city voters By Drew Lindner - I use the library at least once a week and have been closely following the debate over a new library. We need a new library and most everybody agrees on this point. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterLibrary Location By Orrin A. Chenhall - After reading everyone's letters, hearing radio call-ins and talking to people throughout the community; the picture is starting to come into focus: Our library is seen either as an essential public facility that requires the most convenient access for the most amount of people, or as a tourist attraction, there to give the impression of a "vibrant" downtown so that visitors feel like they are in a real community, as opposed to some quasi "Alaska Land" amusement park. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterWhy I support Joe Miller for US Senate! By Sandra Rusin McCray - For many months now I have become more and more concerned about the direction I see our country going. I was sitting one evening, wondering out loud, why is no one doing anything about it. - More...
Thursday AM - august 19, 2010

letterRE: Public Library By Suzan Thompson - Don Hoff Jr.'s letter to Sitnews last week states, in part: "I've been reading the debates on the public library for some time now... here is what I know. The present library was designed to add additional floors for growth. It would be common sense to add an upper floor to the existing library and would be affordable to the taxpayer." - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010
letterAFA does not issue rankings By Patrick Vaughn - What was the basis for Mr. Eastman's statement that "the American Family Association recently ranked Murkowski the third most anti-family Republican in the Senate?" - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterTroops Are Hamstrung By Donald A. Moskowitz - General Stanley McChrystal was replaced by General David Petraeus because of insubordination expressed by General McChrystal's staff to a Rolling Stone reporter. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterBedbugs By Steffani Schwierking - Bedbugs are definitely a problem and can create a great deal of financial and mental distress, especially among the elder. The cause of bedbugs though is not the over crowding of apartments. Overcrowding has occurred before the infestation began in the Tongass Towers or Marine View Apartments. Most overcrowding is due the economy and cost of living, so families are helping out other family members or friends are trying to get by. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterSitnews By Jacy Pierson - I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into Sitnews. I find myself going there daily if not more, just so I can look through everything. You do a great job and I thought I would remind you. I love to share the website with all my friends and family near and far. - More...
Thursday AM - August 19, 2010

letterLibrary Location By John Scoblic - I'm the father of four children who are all enrolled in Ketchikan schools. I'm writing because we rarely use the public library anymore because we avoid the downtown area for so many months of the year. - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterLicense to Spend By Diane Naab, Susan Peters, John Hill, Lani Hill, Terral Wanzer, Mary Wanzer, Steven Reeve, Len Lawrence, Patrick Jirschele, Terri Jirschele and Samuel Bergeron - Why would the government decide to buy property in a rock pit, build a library and spend millions doing so when they have two excellent choices for the library on property they already own? Because they make bad decisions, that's why. - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterLibrary Location By Scott Willlis - In response to Eric Muench's letter about a new library location: Touching that you remember Ketchikan in the past. The Ketchikan you remember is no more! Until the Citizens wake up and actively seek input into the new library location, this current City Council board under the direct control of the City Manager (That's correct! The City Manager directs the City Council, and like the good Obama supporters they are, they do as exactly as they are ordered.) - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterProper Planning for our Library By Susan Peters - Soon the City's registered voters will have the opportunity to vote for the location of the new library. We all are very anxious to have a new library building or remodeled existing building. Now that funding may become available very soon we need to be ready with a good plan. Planning is a crucial component with establishing the site for this facility. A simple search on-line will bring up extensive information on the importance of the location of a library. Currently the government body responsible for this decision has no planning department nor have they engaged our Borough's Planning Department to help with this decision. - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterDowntown Library Creates the Community's Future By John Hill - I strongly support a downtown location for our library and encourage voters to vote yes on Proposition 2. Vibrant and healthy downtowns are not an accident or an "impulse" as other writers suggest; they are a result of good planning and leadership by local officials. Healthy downtowns are not "nostalgic" or "quaint" either. They are long-term economic powerhouses as demonstrated by thousands of communities across the nation. - More....
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterKeep the Library Downtown By Lani Hill - I love this town and support a downtown library. There are so few towns in which you can walk to parks, grade schools, daycares, churches, shops, police station, post office, fire station, bus stops, apartments, condominiums, houses, museums, marinas, the public library, and various other businesses and services. You can even walk to Tatsuda's grocery if you won't have too much to carry afterward. - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterWake Up Alaska - Murkowski is a Democrat! By David Eastman - Did you know the American Family Association recently ranked Murkowski the third most anti-family Republican in the Senate? She scored 20% lower than one Democratic Senator and only 5% higher than Harry Reid! - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterA Vote For Joe Miller is a Vote for the Constitution By Connie Emmert - "Some people do not seem to understand fully the purpose of our constitutional restraints. They are not for protecting the majority, either in or out of the Congress. They can protect themselves with their votes. We have adopted a written constitution in order that the minority, even down to the most insignificant individual, might have their rights protected." - Calvin Coolidge  - More...
Monday PM - August 16, 2010

letterThank you for your hospitality and kindness By Bill Walker - Last weekend, Donna and I made our fourth trip to Southeast this year and were fortunate to travel to POW.  The trip began like an adventure novel.  As a life-long Alaskan, I have grown accustomed to preparing for the unexpected.  When we were told that poor weather required that we fly into Hollis instead of Craig, I knew we were in for an adventure.  The flight over by float plane was non-stop breathtaking beauty and flying into Hollis gave us the opportunity to have a scenic 30 mile drive across the Island to Craig.  It's been eight years since my last trip to POW but I was reminded that it is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterStop the Free-Wheeling Spending By Sam Bergeron - The Ketchikan policy makers at the City and Borough have too much power. They can indenture us for life with 4 votes. The White Cliff building sale, then the subsequent lease backs to the Borough for $42,000.00 a month, with an escalation clause, is but one example. On the City side, the Berth 4 construction and 30 year lease, is another example of both bodies going way beyond the scope of what their powers should be. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterWhy Can't We Have Fair Elections in Ketchikan? By Robert D. Warner - For a number of years I have been wondering why Ketchikan cannot have fair and honest elections. All too often there are direct attempts to confuse the voter. Such practices are discouraging and likely are primary reasons for low voter turnout. This current vote on the public library is an excellent example. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letter Library Location Can't Recreate The Past By Eric Muench - Ketchikan must make a far reaching decision in the August 24 primary election. Should our needed new library be built in a location favored by the City Council, or should it be forced into a restricted area of downtown? - More...
thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterWalker for Governor By Andy Rauwolf - Sometime in the next ten years oil will stop flowing from the Alaska pipeline. Oil revenues comprise over 80% of our state operating budget. Experts now say that an in-state gas pipeline is the best alternative for our state. Bill Walker is the only man running who has the plan and the know-how to get an in-state gas pipeline built in time to offset some of the revenues which will soon be lost. - More...
Thursday - August 12, 2010

letterMurkowski has been a champion for patients with ALS By Linda (Teal) Kreider - I have been going to Washington DC since 2006, when my father Mel Teal, was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. My friend, and former Ketchikan resident, Jenny (Gore) Dwyer and her husband, Pat, who also has ALS, have joined me as well. Jenny was recently named "Advocate of the Year" for ALS, and Senator Murkowski was there to see her get the award. Senator Murkowski and her staff have always taken the time to listen, and I greatly appreciate all that she has done for Alaska, especially her continued support for ALS. Without her support, we would have never seen the ALS Registry Act passed. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterJoe Miller for U.S. Senate By Andy Rauwolf - I've noticed many signs in and around Ketchikan supporting Lisa Murkowski. Many are in yards of friends and fellow conservatives I've known and seen eye-to-eye with for years. Her state campaign manager is doing a great job and is a friend of mine, and until a couple of years ago I would also be sporting her signs on my property. But I have to question her voting record. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterNeighborhood swimming pools By A.M. Johnson - Enjoy looking for solutions other than throwing big bucks at them, I came across this "Out of the Box" solution.Use your imagination! We could have these throughout the Borough. - More...
Thursday PM - August 12, 2010

letterChloramine By Linda Corwin - Many people across the lower 48 and in other countries consider Chloramine to be a Pandora's Box. I have listed here only some of the things that have been observed after chloramination of water supplies. - More...
Thursday - August 12, 2010

letterAre we invaded by bedbugs? By Jose S. Garcia - When I came home today, I was surprised that a two-page letter was hung on every door of the Tongass Towers Condominium which gave notice to report any infestation of bedbugs in the area. - More...
Thursday - August 12, 2010

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