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Are we invaded by bedbugs?
By Jose S. Garcia


August 12, 2010
Thursday PM

When I came home today, I was surprised that a two-page letter was hung on every door of the Tongass Towers Condominium which gave notice to report any infestation of bedbugs in the area.

Well, I am not scared but I feel worried about the seniors living on the top floors of said condo unit.

The note published that Marine View condo has the same bedbug infestation, so serious that for the first time they have contracted services of Ketchikan Pest Control.

The notice further said that visiting friends can have bedbugs with them. It is the conviction of the Tongass Towers Condominium to serve notice for renters and owners of the units; nevertheless, a two bedroom unit at least can occupy 4 to five people, whatever the rule is. But because of recession and the need to pay the rent, some occupants have filled their two bedroom occupancy to 6 to 7 persons, otherwise placing them along the living rooms with a sheet for separation or privacy. I do not know if the Tongass Towers has units filled up to the neck; but I know the Marine View does have two-bedrooms filled with occupants wherein the mass of people occupying it can and will surely bring about bedbugs specially people working from fish processing companies having intermingled with employees with unsanitary bunk houses.

It should therefore be the job of the condo offices to inspect all units that have overfilled their occupancy and have more people sleeping even outside their rooms.

Ketchikan should oversee the operators of condominium units and shall either impose a fine or jail time for occupants that violate the law as imposed by the Ketchikan elected officials.

Jose S. Garcia
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 11, 2010 - Published August 12, 2010



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