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Library Location
By Scott Willlis


August 16, 2010
Monday PM

In response to Eric Muench's letter about a new library location: Touching that you remember Ketchikan in the past. The Ketchikan you remember is no more! Until the Citizens wake up and actively seek input into the new library location, this current City Council board under the direct control of the City Manager (That's correct! The City Manager directs the City Council, and like the good Obama supporters they are, they do as exactly as they are ordered.)

Ketchikan, If you really want a new Library, Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you really use library services?

2. Do you really think the Current group of City Council actually has the technical capacity and vision to build a modern library?

3. Do you actually believe that the current Council is going to do anything for the City of Ketchikan citizens over attracting more tourism?

If you answered yes to question number 1, Good! That means there are still intelligent citizens in the community. The time is now to stand up and take action.

Next, you as a citizen need to attend a City Council meeting. Unless you actually are there, not watching the edited version on TV, I mean actually taking the time to show up and be there. See the absolute brainless and somewhat robotic response of the Council Members carrying out their orders on how to vote on what the City Manager wants and does not want.

Watch the Council Step on the little people and take all important matters into Executive Session.

Council is going to do exactly what they are ordered to do on the library. It s a foregone conclusion at this point. Unless a committee is formed now and a group that cares enough to lobby for a better library, Ketchikan will get something focused at servicing tourists, not locals.

There are not enough people left in Ketchikan that care about anything beyond their personal business. The City uses that apathy as a powerful tool against the community. Ketchikan, until you wake up and take action, the Downtown will be completely developed into a seasonal gift shop. The question remains as to how long it will be until the City erects a huge fence to keep the locals out of Downtown so the tourists can have a more pleasurable shopping experience. That day is coming and until someone or some committee can rattle the City Council cage, it will happen.

All you have to do is show up and voice your opinion. Remember that one group convinced City Council to build a wood ship dock. If one group can get the Council to spend millions of dollars on something that stupid by erecting a liability nightmare, then it is possible to form a committee and persuade the sheep of the current city council to once again follow each other off the cliff into the sea on the library issue.

Scott Willis
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 14, 2010 - Published August 16, 2010


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