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A Vote For Joe Miller is a Vote for the Constitution
By Connie Emmert


August 16, 2010
Monday PM

"Some people do not seem to understand fully the purpose of our constitutional restraints. They are not for protecting the majority, either in or out of the Congress. They can protect themselves with their votes. We have adopted a written constitution in order that the minority, even down to the most insignificant individual, might have their rights protected." - Calvin Coolidge

The idea the the constitution is a living, breathing, document that evolves is a dangerous idea that risks all of our liberties. The founding fathers intended the law to be above all of us, including politicians. But, an "evolving" constitution makes the law malleable by man. Man, rather than God, then decides what our rights are and which are not. This twisting of the intent of the constitution allows politicians to see themselves as above the law, and they see us as subservient to them. Today, states have no rights to use their own resources or even defend their own borders because it might encroach upon the federal government's power. Yet, politicians have failed to pay their own taxes, and directed taxpayer funds to organizations and projects that benefited themselves. They have haughtily passed health care legislation against the will of the people. They have squandered our hard earned dollars. And they have disregarded us, though we petitioned them and called them and marched on Washington in the thousands.

It is time that we hold our government accountable to "we the people" and to the law. The constitution must be preserved as the founding fathers intended.

That is why I have chosen to vote for Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. He is exactly the kind of Senator we need in Washington right now. He is a constitutional conservative who believes in limited government and fiscal responsibility. He views political office as service rather than privilege. He believes in States Rights. And he believes in protecting our individual, unalienable, God given rights. Vote for preservation of our constitution by voting for Joe Miller!

Connie Emmert
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 14, 2010 - Published August 16, 2010



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