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Time to Take a Stand
By Nellie Miller


August 21, 2010
Saturday AM

My heart goes out to and I agree with Kysa Barrett's letter regarding the abuse suffered by her son at daycare. My daughter was abused by her babysitter when only one and 1/2 by locking her in a windowless bathroom and turning off the lights. I found out one day when her older sister explained what was happening. I asked police at the time and they told me that unless there were physical indications nothing could be proved - her word against a 5 yr-old's. Of course, they never went back there again. That was about 13 years ago, and she still can't sleep without a light on!

I too had to quit my job because I had nobody to entrust my precious children to... hard for a single mother to do! Somehow we made it and you will to.

It sounds like Kysa's son will have his day in court and I hope they find extreme justice. The only satisfaction I ever received was looking that horrible woman who hurt my kid in the eyes, telling her I knew what she'd done, that she was no kind of woman, and asking God to impart his retribution. I am not particularly religious, but I do think He's got my back on this one!

Nellie Miller
Neilton, WA

About: "Former Ketchikan resident"

Received August 19, 2010 - Published August 21, 2010


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