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License to Spend
By Diane Naab, Susan Peters, John Hill, Lani Hill, Terral Wanzer, Mary Wanzer, Steven Reeve, Len Lawrence, Patrick Jirschele, Terri Jirschele and Samuel Bergeron


August 16, 2010
Monday PM

Why would the government decide to buy property in a rock pit, build a library and spend millions doing so when they have two excellent choices for the library on property they already own? Because they make bad decisions, that's why.

Libraries in rock pits with rock crushers and big trucks and loaders and lots of traffic isn't a bad choice for a library site, it's a terrible choice. You would be hard-pressed to find a worse one. Good grief it's a rock pit. When they blast the rock at the Copper Ridge site, they ask the good folks in the KRBD building to evacuate the building because "we can't guarantee your safety" . KRBD and the proposed library are about 100 feet away from all this quarrying activity.

Remodel the library we have now and move the museum into the soon to be vacated fire hall downtown or build a new library on the old Main School site. Both beat the industrial rock pit site hands down. We own them both, we can use the value of the land and the building and those can be offered up as our part of the 50/50 grant; no new money. That saves you the taxpayers millions of dollars. Is the library in the rock pit worth millions of your dollars? What are these people thinking? Not about your finances that's for sure. Here is the best part: we can use Commercial Passenger Vessel (CPV) funds for the construction and operation of this facility, again saving you millions of dollars.

Proposition 1 is a license to needlessly spend millions of your dollars, so for Pete's sake VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 1.

Proposition 2 is about common sense with the taxpayers money. In the interest of your finances, VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 2.

When they say "Let's get the library built" we at A Better Choice say fine, but let's get a library that makes s sense and doesn t cost you the taxpayers a fortune.

Signed: A Better Choice
Diane Naab
Susan Peters
John Hill
Lani Hill
Terral Wanzer
Mary Wanzer
Steven Reeve
Len Lawrence
Patrick Jirschele
Terri Jirschele
Samuel Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK

About: A Better Choice: "We are a group of concerned citizens and taxpayers"

Received August 14, 2010 - Published August 16, 2010


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