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Joe Miller for Effective Leadership
By Sandy Powers


August 23, 2010

In a recent Juneau Empire article, Lisa Murkowski is quoted as saying, "Seniority means something in the senate", apparently as a selling point for her re-election bid.

"Seniority" is only respectable if you are serving your constituents. Otherwise, it just means you have been there a long time, and have begun to feel entitled by your tenure.

How many bills that she has sponsored have passed? I guess in the case of S.881, failure would actually be a good thing. Who is she representing? My letters to her detailing concerns with her legislation are met by nothing more than form responses addressing NONE of my points. Most of her campaign funds come from non-Alaskan interests I am told. I have no confidence in her tenure as a qualifying argument for re-election. I have no confidence that she cares for the opinions and needs of Southeast Alaska communities.

Joe Miller, on the other hand, has many respectable real-life credentials and education behind him...besides being an honors graduate of West Point he's a decorated combat veteran, a Yale Law School graduate, owns a law practice in Fairbanks, has held AK State Magistrate and US Magistrate positions, and has a masters degree in economics from University of Alaska. I've seen him speak and he is articulate, intelligent, credible and very direct.

It's almost laughable that Murkowski points to "senate seniority" as a selling point. Joe Miller has proven himself to be a go-getter in real life, which is what counts. His character, proven tenacity, and experience will suit him very well as he TRULY represents his Alaskans in Washington, DC.

It's time for a change. I'm voting for Joe Miller.

Sandy Powers
Ketchikan, AK

About: "35 years Alaskan, conservative, recognize we need some credible leadership in DC. "

Received August 23, 2010 - Published August 23, 2010



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