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Wake Up Alaska - Murkowski is a Democrat!
By David Eastman


August 16, 2010
Monday PM

Did you know the American Family Association recently ranked Murkowski the third most anti-family Republican in the Senate? She scored 20% lower than one Democratic Senator and only 5% higher than Harry Reid!

Did you know that the ACLU recently rated Murkowski as the 3rd most Pro-ACLU Republican in the Senate?

Did you know that Citizens Against Government Waste gave her and Sen. Cochran the 4th worst Lifetime Rating among Senate Republicans, that she received the exact same score as Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), and 27% below the Republican average?

Did you know that Freedomworks gives her the same score as Democrat Sen. McCaskill (D-MO), and more than 25% below the Republican average?

Did you know the Campaign for Working Families (CWF) gave Murkowski the 3rd worst score of all Senate Republicans? Her CWF score is 28% lower than the Republican average and she scored the same as Democratic Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE).

Did you know Family Research Council puts her in a tie for the 4th worst Republican in the Senate? Her rating is 33% lower than one Democratic Senator, and she received the exact same rating as Democrat Senator Robert Casey (D-PA).

Did you know that National Right to Life rates Murkowski as the 3rd most liberal Republican in the Senate? She scores more than 25% lower than the Republican average.

Did you know that Eagle Forum ranks her as the 4th most liberal Republican Senator in Washington? She scores more than 23% below the Republican average (even Sen. Lindsey Graham scored an 89% compared to her 63%).

Did you know that she has the 4th worst Lifetime ACU Rating among Senate Republicans according to the American Conservative Union?

Did you know that the National Taxpayer's Union rates her as the 5th most Anti-taxpayer Republican in the Senate?

Did you know that according to the Washington Post, Murkowski has joined Democrats in voting against her Republican colleagues in the Senate more than 300 times!

Did you know that she has been spending her $3.23 Million war-chest running ads pretending to be "a conservative Republican" and that some number of Alaskan voters will be fooled by them?

Don't be one of them!

Murkowski has lost the right to expect support from Republicans in Alaska. If you want to elect a Democrat, Murkowski's your only option---because Jacob Kern and Scott McAdams don't stand a chance.

David Eastman
Wasilla, AK

About: "Regional Leader for the Alaska Republican Party covering the Mat-Su and Northern Anchorage Region"

Received August 13, 2010 - Published August 16, 2010



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