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By Terri Jirschele


August 23, 2010

30 years ago my husband and I chose to move to the Community of Ketchikan, Alaska. We chose to work and make our home here. Not too long after, we purchased a wonderful spot in the Knudson Cove area and called it home for 18 years. When we became "empty nesters" we chose to move to town for a while. And Yes. 11 years ago we chose to move to Pennock Island.

I am not a liar. I am not unknowing. I am not, nor have I ever been, a downtown business owner.

What I am - is just a regular, hard working, property-tax paying citizen. I am a citizen who cares about the fiscal well being of both the City, and the Borough. That is why I have chosen to support "A Better Choice" for the library. I spend my money responsibly. I have never, ever considered going into debt haphazardly. But that is exactly, what the Library Feasibility Committee is proposing that the City of Ketchikan do.

Please, before you go to the polls on Tuesday. Take the time to really consider all of the facts.

Then ask yourself:

In these economically uncertain times, is it wise to take on this much debt?

Half of the cost for building a new library will be coming out of everyone's pockets.

Is building on "currently non-owned property" in our best interests, whether you live within the City limits, or in the Borough.

Is it wise to remove another large piece of property from the tax rolls?

Please consider the full impact of what it will cost you, me, all of us to build on Copper Ridge.

Citizens of Ketchikan, make your choice. Please make your choice wisely.

Please remember that we're all going to have to pay for your choice for a very long time.

Terri Jirschele,
Pennock Island
Ketchikan, AK


About: "An avid reader, library user and supporter for 30 years, and a non-vehicle-owning walker of Old Town, New Town, and the West End.

Received August 21, 2010 - Published August 23, 2010



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