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By Charles Edwardson


August 23, 2010

I am amused and disappointed at the same time. Recently I wrote about our high school kids not meeting the national standards -- and not one single response. But we can't worry about such things. Let's talk about some thing really important MAYBE THEY NEED A NEW FRIGGIN LIBRARY.

I do not support a new library of any kind. I don't think many locals go to the library and the ones that do are on Sitnews -- all ten or so of us. Regardless of what the special election results are, we are getting a new library. Public opinion has never won the day in Ketchikan that's why I ran for city council at one time. I wanted to bring our point of view back to the table. I have since been very disillusioned by the whole Ketchikan process (or lack of I should say. Either a downtown location or Copper Ridge, you can fool yourselves into believing in a process but the people at the table are going to decide what's best for you and me. This is the new standard form of government we are all under -- at the national level as well. No one seems to want to ask Ketchikan the one fundamental question that should have been asked prior to all of this. Do you want a new library?

Put that question to a vote first and I would bet a majority of Ketchikan residents would vote no. We're more worried on how we can survive on this island with the economic down turn now hitting Ketchikan. Although there is a lot of state work -- roads etc -- the private sector is slowing down fast. Ask any contractor or businessman,woman this question. Is business slowing down and how far up the priority list is a new library? We're getting a library. Let's monitor the improvements it makes on this community.and see how it improves the unemployment numbers, how many new jobs it creates (after construction, during construction is a given and not a huge long term return on the size of investment).

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 22, 2010 - Published August 23, 2010



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