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Kayhi not meeting school standards
By Chas Edwardson


August 09, 2010

When you read Ketchikan High School's explanation on why they missed the AYP (adequate yearly progress) for schools, all you need to do is eliminate economically disadvantaged youth and native kids and you're on easy street. But wait a second -- Metlakatla is full of native kids are they not??? All three of Metlakatla's schools made the cut. The Prince of Wales Island School District is the most economically distressed area of the state and seven of eight schools made the cut (Daily News August 7-8 weekend edition). Not all of the POW schools are exclusively either native or non native it's a general mix.

So I'm not buying the Ketchikan School District's explanation on why they are not cutting the mustard. I think that the teachers are bound by the worst concept ever conceived by our education system ever, the 'No Child Left Behind Act. Another flaw in our system is tenure. Not only are our some of our teachers here way to long - in some cases over 30 years - they are only teaching to the test and that's not even working any more..

Let's not look to blame race or financial situations of kids, because there are plenty of economically disadvantaged kids, and native kids alike doing their part and getting their schools to meet the AYP.

If there is any fault to be passed on it should be passed on to an obviously flawed and failing education system and not the kids.

Chas Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 08, 2010 - Published August 09, 2010

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