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May 25, 2004


Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson....

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson


Ketchikan Charter Commission
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NewQuestionnaire: The Ketchikan Charter Commission needs your assistance in naming the new combined government and the service area of the present City of Ketchikan. This questionnaire will close on May 31, 2004. click here


letter Re: Bickering distracts from positive work by Lonnie Guthrie- Ketchikan - 05/25/04
letter Future of MV Taku? by Robert D. Warner - Ketchikan - 05/25/04
letter Bickering distracts from positive work by Merle Nancy Hawkins - Ketchikan - 05/25/04
letter Governor's Fiscal Plan Would Greatly Benefit Local Governments and Local Taxpayers by Edgar Blatchford - AK - 05/25/04
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Alaska: Governor Murkowski Will Call Special Session in June - Governor Frank Murkowski announced Monday that he will issue a call for a special session of the Alaska Legislature, to take place in the latter part of June. The fiscal shortfall, tobacco tax, and workers' compensation are the three main issues left unfinished when the Legislature adjourned its regular session on May 11. The subject matter for the special session will include consideration of the endowment plan for management of the Permanent Fund.

"I have spoken with a majority of the presiding officers and the minority leaders in both the House and Senate," Murkowski said. "I remain convinced that Alaskans expect us to resolve the state's long-term fiscal problems this year. Therefore, I will issue a proclamation after the Memorial Day holiday calling legislators back to Juneau.

"We are still assessing at this time which issues should be included in the call. The tobacco tax and workers' compensation reforms will likely be included, and we may consider a bond package aimed at fixing the Lake Otis and Tudor intersection in Anchorage, and other important projects.

"I encourage the Legislature to recognize that these are important unfinished matters. There is no Democratic or Republican solution - only a bipartisan, Alaskan solution," he said.- Photo...
Tuesday - May 25, 2004

Alaska: Governor Ceremonially Signs 2 House Bills; Also Signs SB382 on Right-of-Way Acquired through Eminent Domain - Governor Frank Murkowski Monday morning ceremonially signed two bills at Auke Bay Elementary School. The laws will take effect after the official bills are received from the presiding officers of the Legislature and signed. The bills are HB 467, setting up a Commemorative Quarters Commission, and HB 93, extending the sunset date of the Alaska Boating Safety Program. - Read more...
Tuesday - May 25, 2004

photo Spring Daisy by Nancy Jensen....

'Spring Daisy'
Front Page Photo by Nancy Jensen

Ketchikan: The Ketchikan School Board will hold a regular meeting Wednesday evening in the City Council Chambers. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm. Read the agenda...
Tuesday - May 25, 2004


Dick Morris: The War Could Beat Kerry Or Bush - Al Gore let Ralph Nader sabotage his presidential chances in 2000 by vacating the environmentalist niche that had sustained him for his entire political career. By sublimating his greenish agenda to more "mainstream" issues like Social Security, Medicare and prescription drugs, Gore invited Nader, the Green Party nominee, to occupy the ground he had vacated. Is John Kerry making the same mistake?

As outrage grows over the war in Iraq, catalyzed by the shameful and shocking mishandling of Iraqi prisoners of war, the left expects Kerry to step up to the challenge and run against what it perceives to be a latter-day Vietnam. But Kerry, anxious to preserve his centrist credentials and to assure Americans of his toughness in the War on Terror, seems intent on talking about everything but Iraq. - Read more...
Tuesday - May 25, 2004

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June Allen

photosKetchikan's American Legionnaires; Here's to 'the boys' of Post #3 - At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month - Nov. 11, 1918 - the Armistice was signed that ended the Great War in Europe. Almost two years earlier the United States had declared war against Germany and set sail to join the already-fighting British in France. American forces sailed off across the Atlantic to rousing choruses of George M. Cohen's latest Tin-Pan Alley hit, "Over there! Over there! Send the word, send the word over there that the Yanks are comin'! the Yanks are comin'."

Those Yanks were from Maine to California as well as from the remotest regions of the Territory of Alaska! Once arrived in Europe, they jolted across the French countryside in careening trucks and marched to the front lines to join in the bloody trench warfare against the German Kaiser. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Tuesday - May 11, 2004

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