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May 08, 2004


Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson...

'Golden Sunset'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Ketchikan Charter Commission

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letter Salute to the students and staff at Revilla by Mike Harpold - Ketchikan - 05/08/04
letter Standing Up by Marya Tyler - Ketchikan - 05/08/04
letter "Fish or Cut Bait" by Gigi Pilcher - Ketchikan - 05/08/04
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Alaska: Salmon Marketing Program is Generating National Awareness - The Department of Community and Economic Development says Wild Alaska Salmon is building consumer brand awareness on a national level thanks to Governor Frank Murkowski's efforts to revitalize Alaska's salmon industry. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Alaska: State to Refund Fishing & Hunting License Fees to Deployed Alaska Military Personnel - The State of Alaska, through efforts initiated by US Senator Lisa Murkowski, recently adopted measures to benefit Alaska's overseas soldiers. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Ketchikan & Statewide: Governor Appoints 15 Alaskans to Boards and Commissions - Governor Frank Murkowski has appointed 15 Alaskans to serve on various boards and commissions. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Alaska: Protocol Signed with Alaska Gasline Port Authority - Governor Frank Murkowski and the Alaska Gasline Port Authority (Port Authority) announced Friday an agreement to help facilitate development and construction of a pipeline that will commercialize stranded North Slope gas. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Alaska: DEC Warns of PSP in Shellfish - Shellfish gatherers should be cautious of the dangers of Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) from clams and mussels gathered on Alaska beaches. Low tides beginning this weekend and running into next week prompted the warning to sport harvesters. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Great Wall of Ketchikan

'Suspended from the
Great Wall of Ketchikan'

Front Page Photo by Marya Tyler



Ketchikan Columnist Joann Flora: THE MAP FACTOR IN HEALTH & HEALING - Modern technology has brought many miracles to human life and health. Life expectancy has increased and diseases are diagnosed much earlier than than in the past. Treatments for pain, inflammation, and disability have improved the quality of life for those living with long-term conditions. Yet, there are some who seem to flourish in spite of their challenges while others remain victims of their disorder. Why is this? What is it that allows some to live with or recover from an illness while others have a life that is about their illness? - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

Michael Reagan: Top Democrats Wouldn't Praise American Troops - A resolution offered to express the sentiment of the U.S. House of Representatives praising the vast majority of American troops in Iraq in the face of revelations of prisoner abuse passed overwhelming by a 365 to 50 roll call vote with a shocking 49 Democrats, including their leader Nancy Pelosi, voting no. - Read more...
Saturday - May 08, 2004

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June Allen Column

photosKetchikan's Cruise Ship Industry; A light-hearted look at its origins - Tourists are nothing new to Ketchikan. These seasonal visitors have been spilling out onto the downtown docks for more than a century now. They share certain traits: They're thrilled to find themselves in distant, exotic Alaska; they find Ketchikan quaint and charming; and, they are wide-eyed and excited as they board charter fishing boats, or climb into sightseeing coaches to rumble off over the city's trestle streets. The basic awe most people feel when seeing our little town remains constant, even after a century. The things that have changed over the years are the much larger numbers of ships and visitors visiting each summer and the numbers of attractions available to them.

At the turn of the 20th century, brand new Ketchikan was even then being visited by tourists and journalists. In The Ladies World Magazine of March 1905, travel writer Myra Drake Moore described the Ketchikan she visited the summer of 1904: "[Ketchikan] is the port of entry into Alaska it and its sister towns of Juneau and Skagway are all very much alike in architecture, and seem to be 'happen-so's'. Ketchikan," she archly wrote, "has accumulated itself." - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Saturday - April 17, 2004

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