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Re: Bickering distracts from positive work
by Lonnie Guthrie


May 25, 2004

I have to agree with Ms. Hawkins assessment of the bickering being done by a few KIC tribal council members. Despite this, the only real problem I see is when there is a public reply. This reply is exactly what these people were looking for. These are the same individuals who were involved with protesting the controversial firing of a few KIC employees a year ago.

Again the only reason why this was such a public issue is because KIC officials " fed the flame", by publicly acknowledging and contesting this protest. While KIC's reply to this protest may have been great to help a political career of a non tribal member - as has been the theme with so many movies (the white man who saves the native people) - it made the native population look like idiots.

If ignored, the bickering done by these individuals would only make the paper once and be quickly forgotten. I hope that both sides of these debates would keep in mind that everything you do reflects upon the entire native population.

Lonnie Guthrie
KIC Member
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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