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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
January 13, 2007

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Latest Tongass Forest Plan Open For Public Review
Tongass National Forest: Ward Lake area
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Top Stories
U.S. News
U.S. Politics


Ketchikan: Latest Tongass Forest Plan Open For Public Review (SitNews) - The U.S. Forest Service released a draft version of the Tongass National Forest Management Plan this week and opened a 90-day public comment period for citizens wishing to express their opinions on forest management issues. Tongass National Forest Supervisor Forrest Cole announced Wednesday that the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) and draft amended forest plan that respond to the Ninth Circuit Court decision of August 2005, and the 2005 mid-term review of the Tongass Forest Plan would be available for public review beginning on Friday, January 12th.

Last year, a federal court ruled that the Forest Service misled the public during the development of its logging plan and ordered a revision of that plan to correct the errors. A set of new alternatives was required by the Ninth Circuit Court's decision, and are analyzed in detail in the latest draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) just released. The DEIS is a comprehensive document which considers conservation of fish and game habitat resources, recreation and tourism activities, and industrial development (timber and minerals) within the Tongass National Forest.

Cole said, "These alternatives 'tell the story' of the demand scenarios, covering a wide range of possible future economic conditions. These alternatives will give all of us a chance to carefully consider what might realistically happen in the timber industry and other contributors to southeast Alaska culture. Then we can plan what role National Forest resources should play, and how to maintain all the other values of those resources that we collectively treasure." Cole noted that he has not selected a "preferred alternative" from among those analyzed. "I want to open the door for the broadest possible opportunities for collaboration," Cole noted.

According to information provided by the Forest Service, an amendment to the 2005 Planning Rule allowed the Tongass to choose between the 1982 and 2005 rules. At the request of a number of environmental organizations, the Forest Service chose to use the 1982 rule, which requires an environmental impact statement, to amend the Forest Plan.

"We can take this plan from excellent to outstanding, by building on new knowledge to add to the science we used ten years ago," he said. "With these changes, we can do an even better job of providing clean air, clean water, abundant wildlife, and economic stability for future generations," said Cole in a prepared statement.

Governor Sarah Palin reaffirmed her commitment on Friday to responsible resource development by supporting the process for a balanced Tongass National Forest Plan. The State agreed to continue its participation in the Tongass Plan amendment process as a cooperating agency.

To ensure the interests of the State are balanced and equally comprehensive, the Governor has assigned staff from multiple agencies to work together to coordinate the State of Alaska's input as the Forest Service works to finalize the Tongass Plan.


"It is important for the State to remain engaged in this process - to protect the interest of Alaskans," said Governor Palin. "I am committed to working with the Federal government to reestablish a workable Tongass Forest Plan that allows a sufficient and stable supply of timber enabling Southeast Alaska to have a sustainable, integrated timber industry."

Gregory Vickrey, Director of the Ketchikan-based Tongass Conservation Society said, "Folks in Ketchikan and throughout Southeast Alaska hope the agency will take this opportunity to move away from the current timber industry dominated point of view to a more balanced approach serving all users of the Forest."

"The Tongass is a unique place where we all choose to live and work, and this Forest means so much to our communities beyond timber," said Gregory Vickrey of the Tongass Conservation Society. "We play here. We commercial fish here. We live subsistently here. And our tourism industry thrives because of this unique Forest. The state of the Tongass directly affects all of these areas, and therefore our quality of life. A balanced new plan should enhance that." - More...
Saturday - January 13, 2007

Fish Factor: Policy makers charge forward with plans to expand U.S. aquaculture By LAINE WELCH - Like it or not, policy makers are charging forward with plans to expand U.S. aquaculture output five fold by 2020. Last week the Marine Aquaculture Task Force unveiled recommendations to help guide development of the new industry, which will let offshore fish farmers lay claim to vast parcels of the sea.

The farms will be colonies of undersea cages brimming with swimming livestock, anchored in U.S. waters from three to 200 miles from shore.

Above all, the task force urges Congress to create laws ensuring strong environmental standards are in place to regulate offshore fish farms. At a press conference last week, panel member Alison Rieser said existing laws won't work.

"There is a complex jurisdictional framework over ocean space. To some extent the laws cover the major issues of aquaculture expansion, but they are not well coordinated, there is overlap, and a number of serious gaps," said Reiser, a professor at the Univ. of Hawai'i and coauthor of the leading casebook on ocean and coastal law.

"There is no one lead federal agency that has the power to issue authorization for a private company to occupy a portion of the ocean space for commercial aquaculture and oversee potential impacts," she added.

The panel recommends that all authorities should go to NOAA Fisheries, and not to regional management councils. "It doesn't' seem prudent to have them consider how to balance aquaculture and wild capture fisheries," Reiser said.

Offshore fish farms should be limited to native species, said Becky Goldberg, senior scientist for Environmental Defense. The government should also promote reduction fisheries, or feeder fish, for the aquaculture industry, and develop alternatives to wild ingredient feeds.

"The upshot is that you have to catch wild fish to feed farmed fish," Goldberg said. - More...
Saturday - January 13, 2007

Comet McNaught...

Comet McNaught: Goodbye Ketchikan
Comet McNaught as photographed from the lookout on North Tongass Thursday night.
Front Page Photograph by Karla Hayward

Ketchikan: Comet McNaught: Goodbye Ketchikan - Ketchikan sky-gazer and photograper Karla Hayward captured an image of Comet McNaught, perhaps the brightest comet in the past 30 years, as it made an appearance over Ketchikan on January 11th before disappearing from view.

This unexpected comet is a relative newcomer to our solar system and was discovered by Australian Robert McNaught on August 7, 2006 from his observatory in New South Wales.

As Comet McNaught headed Friday towards its closest approach to the Sun, it disappeared from view for earthbound observers, becoming lost in the Sun's glare. That's where SOHO comes in. Poised in space between the Earth and Sun, SOHO ceaselessly watches the Sun and objects that pass nearby. - More...
Saturday - January 13, 2007

Ketchikan: KETCHIKAN TRIBAL COUNCIL ANNOUNCES A FOURTH SEAT FOR UPCOMING ELECTIONS - The Ketchikan Indian Community, a federally recognized Indian tribal government, after careful review of the KIC Constitution and discussion with legal counsel announced it will have a fourth Tribal Council seat (1 year) open for elections on January 15, 2007.

During the 2006 session, a KIC Tribal Council member had resigned to address a working opportunity outside of Ketchikan. The KIC Tribal Council subsequently advertised for candidates to fill the vacant seat. At a special Tribal Council meeting on September 14, 2006 the KIC Tribal Council elected Mr. David Jensen to fill the vacant seat.

The issue regarding the vacancy of this seat for the 2007 elections came before the KIC Tribal Council on January 8th by a concerned KIC Tribal member. The letter and discussion brought before the KIC Tribal Council questioned where the membership's opportunity to vote for the vacant seat was, and furthermore interpreted the KIC Tribal Council's action of September 14, 2006 as an appointment. At this point the KIC Tribal Council asked for a legal opinion from KIC's attorney. - More...
Saturday - January 13, 2007


Basic Rules

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Columns - Commentary

Dave Kiffer: Dousing a Dangerous Development - The petty dictators of airplane discipline gave travelers an early Christmas present recently by allowing us to take water on plane flights again.

Water had been banned you remember because it was dangerous. At least that was the theory.

Some really clever miscreants in Britain had been foiled in their attempt to create some sort of water-based bombs and blow up a whole bunch of airplanes. Therefore we were forced to hand over our Dasanis and Purple Mountains at the gate

Good thing too. The beverage service on flights was getting so bad that people were BYOBing so much liquid that the overhead bins were getting too full of spritzer and airline toilets were flushing so often that it was a challenge keeping the planes aloft. - More...
Tuesday - January 09, 2007

Jay Ambrose: President Bush, the stealth humanitarian - Whether it's helping get the homeless into homes, fighting malaria and other diseases in Africa or spending on U.S. poverty programs, President Bush is breaking records - and getting no credit for it.

You might say he's a stealth humanitarian, someone whose heartlessness is constantly preached while his accomplishments are persistently ignored.

But then you stumble on the Bush ambition regarding chronic homelessness. He wants to end it, and the consequences of administration efforts to date are amazing - significant percentage drops in such cities as San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Denver and Portland, Ore.

The basic idea of the program being endlessly advocated by a Bush appointee, Philip Mangano, is for cities to combine federal, local and charitable funds to put the chronically homeless into their own apartments and assist them with social services instead of dealing with them piecemeal so they too often end up in jails, hospitals and other facilities. As various news accounts explain, you save money this way, but here's the real gold: You save lives. - More...
Tuesday - January 09, 2007

Dale McFeatters: Lawmakers in search of self-restraint - The House, it turned out, was serious about ethics reform; the Senate perhaps less so.

The House banned a number of lobbyist-provided benefits that many lawmakers seemed to have come to think of perks of their office - gifts, meals, travel, the use of corporate jets. It did not venture into the trickier, more ambiguous world of lobbyists doing political fund-raising.

The most significant reform involved earmarks - lawmakers' personal pork projects often quietly slipped into spending bills in the dead of night and often done so at the behest of a generous lobbyist.

The projects might themselves be fine, even worthwhile. The problem is that no congressional panel has scrutinized them for their merit or relative priority in a tight budget. A particular project may be a laughable waste of money, but usually it doesn't come to light until too late, after the bill has been passed. - More...
Tuesday - January 09, 2007

Martin Schram: There's a huge loophole being left in ethics reforms - Nothing is as deceptively euphoric as Washington in full flower. And in the first days of 2007, the cherry trees, the Congress and the idiots of the nation's capital were all blossoming.

We saw the blooming cherry trees - a result of botanical confusion that 70-degree winter days meant spring had sprung.

We saw the blooming of a new Congress - as in the first hours of the first day, Democrats made a show of rushing ethics reforms through the House they now control. By a vote of 430-1, as still-embarrassed Republicans had no choice but to go with the flow, the House members voted to ban themselves from taking freebees from lobbyists - no meals, gifts or travel. It was a morality show designed to demonstrate that the evils and abuses symbolized by Tom DeLay's pal Jack Abramoff are now ancient history.

Then we heard the blooming idiots. They were the pols, pundits and think-tank denizens who gushed that these showy ethics flourishes, once adopted by the Senate, will fundamentally change the craft of politics in the nation's capital. But, in fact, it will fundamentally change nothing. Because it misses the main point about how Washington really works. - More...
Tuesday - January 09, 2007

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