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Micro-managing a war
By Anita Hales


January 06, 2007

Here it comes. As the President gets ready to let the American people know his agenda for changing war tactics in Iraq, the critics are out in force criticizing before he has a chance to say his mind.

In the last two big wars, Vietnam and Korea, politicos micromanaged us into defeat and they are trying to do the same here.

What might have been different if MacArthur had been allowed to press on in Korea and win the conflict? Would we have a nasty little dictator there with his hand on the RED BUTTON? Probably not. We may not have even had a Vietnam at all. Of course you can argue that till you're blue in the face too.

The real problem lies in the President losing the propaganda war. And the terrorists/insurgents are capitalizing on it. If the U.S. were solidly behind WINNING the conflict, I guarantee we'd be doing better.

You can argue whether it was right to dethrone the Butcher of Bagdad for whatever reasons but at this point that makes no difference. It remains to make the best of the situation we now have.

If we allow public opinion, polls and politicians to micro-manage this conflict, we will lose. Period. If we lose this war, we lose more than you imagine.

This war is critical to the stability of the Middle East. We simply MUST succeed in establishing a viable democratic government in Iraq. If it takes more troops, we should send them. We should give every chance to help this fledgling democracy succeed and bring the Arab world out of the 12th century.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 05, 2007 - Published January 06, 2006

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