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Public critisisms of KIC
By Charles Edwardson


January 07, 2007
Sunday PM

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DISAPPOINTING TO ME THAT THE BIGGEST CRITICISMS ABOUT KIC (KETCHIKAN INDIAN COMMUNITY) come from the members themselves. Even the people who think that the privileges we enjoy as a sovereign nation within a nation are unfair to non members agree that KIC is a positive contributor to this community generating as the third or fourth largest employer in this community much needed economic support. In that the money we receive from the federal government goes right into our shared community for goods and services our thousands of members use and need. KIC has integrated itself into the economics of this community on so many levels it would be as damaging or more economically as pulling another pulp mill out of Ketchikan if we were ever to simply disappear. The economic effects would be noticed. Most if not all of the city and borough residents look at KIC as a partner and a good neighbor and appreciate KIC and our contributions to this community. Our members who are one of the most privileged native tribes in the country realize this also. The few who choose to criticize KIC (in virtually all cases are our own members) fail to understand our positive impact on KETCHIKAN.

We are not even remotely similar on how we govern ourselves compared to the city or the borough. We reside in the city and borough but as a nation within a nation that is where the similarities end. I would ask our KIC members who do not like our organization,to please state that in the right forum and that is at KIC meetings. I have seen none of the public critics at any of our meetings lately (except to criticize) and I have been to every one of them for going on two years as the housing committee chairman, and the treasurer of this great organization. So please look at the positive side of KIC as most citizens do, if you are one of the critics.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 07, 2007 - Published January 07, 2006

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