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Shiites Blew It With Saddam Execution
By Mark Neckameyer


January 02, 2007
Tuesday PM

I shouldn't have given in to curiosity. I should not have watched the Saddam execution on the Internet. I am a Conservative and have always backed the death penalty for really bad people and Saddam was a bona fide monster ... Still, watching made me feel depressed all weekend. I may even be having second thought about capital punishment being too gruesome and too much pure revenge for civilized people and governments after watching those all to happy goings on..

Any benefit the Iraqi government could have earned by bringing Saddam "to justice" was more than wiped about by the pictures and accounts of the Shiite songs a celebratory dances around Saddam's lifeless body immediately after the execution .. Danced by the people who killed him no less! Instead of an elected government dealing out the people's justice they made it all into a Shiite Muslim versus Sunni Muslim affair. I wonder if anyone from our government warned them not to make this mistake?

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received January 01, 2007 - Published January 02, 2006



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