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Stories & Color Book Art By Bob Morgan
Bob Morgan is the author of the children's books, "Bob-Tales: A Collection of 50 Bedtime Stories, and "Bob Morgan's Children's Stories In Series".
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4. The Ugly Birdhouse - Now, most bedtime stories begin with "Once upon a time", but not this one. This one happened just a few weeks ago. Here is the story and what really happened.

It was springtime and a family of robins were on their way north for the summer. A lot of birds do this. They like to spend the summer in the north where it is cool, and they like to spend the winter in the south where it is warm. - More....
Saturday - December 09, 2006

3. Lewis, the Lightning Bug - Lewis was a lightning bug, but he was no ordinary lightning bug! When he lit up, he really lit up! He was so bright that you could see for miles and miles, even on a very dark night. All of the other lightning bugs would not play with him because he was so strange. But he was a very good bug and so sad because the other bugs would not play with him. - More...
Saturday - December 09, 2006

2. Two Seeds
- Deep in the forest, a long time ago, two seeds fell to the ground. One was an acorn and one was a pine.

Rain started to fall, and as the seeds got wet, they began to grow. Then the sun came out and warmed them and they grew even faster. The acorn was growing faster than the pine. - More...
Monday - November 27, 2006

1. A LITTLE EGG - Once, there was a little egg lying on the ground in a farmer's pasture.

The little egg was all by himself and he didn't know who he was. His parents had already left him to grow up all alone as a lot of birds and animals do. - More...
Friday - November 17, 2006


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