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Kid's Corner

By Bob Morgan


November 17, 2006

Once, there was a little egg lying on the ground in a farmer's pasture.

The little egg was all by himself and he didn't know who he was. His parents had already left him to grow up all alone as a lot of birds and animals do.

"I wonder who I am and what my name is," thought the little egg.

He looked around and saw a bird perching in the treetop. "I hope I am not a bird. Look at the bird. All he is doing is eating those hard seeds from the bushes, and they don't look very good. I hope I am not a bird!" thought the little egg.

Then he saw a beautiful horse. "I hope I am a horse. He is eating that tender green grass and the farmer brushes his coat and makes him look so nice. But horses don't come from eggs, so who am I?" thought the little egg.

jpg A Little Egg

Then he saw a cow. "I hope I am a cow. Look at those beautiful eyes she has. And cows get to stand in the shade all day and chew their cud. Cows also make beautiful "moosic" with their deep voices. But cows don't come from eggs, so I can't be a cow. I hope that I am not a bird!" thought the little egg.

He saw a pig playing in the mud. "I hope I am a pig. Look at all the fun he is having playing in that mud. I hope I am a pig. But pigs don't come from eggs, so who am I," thought the little egg?

Then it happened!

The egg's shell started to crack open. "What is happening to me," the little egg said? He was no longer an egg. He could walk! What am I? He walked very well so he went down to the farmers barn. He found a mirror sitting next to a big haystack and then he looked at himself for the first time. "Oh No!" he shouted, "I am a bird!"

The little bird grew up eating those hard seeds which to his surprise tasted pretty good.

Then he realized that he could fly!

"Wow! Look at all of the beautiful things that I can see from way up here," he said. He could see things that all of the animals on the ground would never see.

The horse saw him.
The cow saw him.
The pig saw him and wished that he could fly, too.

They all had wished that they could be a bird just like that big North American Eagle flying up there.



Bob Morgan is the author of the children's books,
"Bob-Tales: A Collection of 50 Bedtime Stories, and
"Bob Morgan's Children's Stories In Series".
Contact Bob at Bobmorg393[at]
©Bob Morgan 2006

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