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Two Seeds
By Bob Morgan


November 27, 2006

Deep in the forest, a long time ago, two seeds fell to the ground. One was an acorn and one was a pine.

Rain started to fall, and as the seeds got wet, they began to grow. Then the sun came out and warmed them and they grew even faster. The acorn was growing faster than the pine.

As they grew older, the acorn had grown into a mighty oak tree with branches reaching as far as you could see and way up into the sky.

The little pine didn't grow very much because he was in the shadow of the oak. The rain and the sunlight didn't get to him as easily because the mighty oak grabbed it all.

jpg two seeds


All of the animals in the woods came to see the mighty oak and play on its mighty branches and sit under its cool shade.

The poor little pine never had anyone play on his small branches. He felt so alone.

Then one day the little pine saw all the animals scurrying about as if they were frightened. "What is the matter?" the little pine asked one scared little squirrel. "Haven't you heard?" said the squirrel, "There is a bad storm coming and I am finding a place to hide!"

"Oh, no!" thought the little pine, "I am so small the wind will blow me away. I wish I could hide, too!"

"Ha! Ha! Look at me," the mighty oak said. "Look at my branches. I am big and strong, and I am not afraid of the wind!"

And then the wind came, and it blew very hard. It blew so hard that the mighty oak blew over and away. But the little pine held on. It didn't know, but all of the time the mighty oak was growing its mighty branches, it was not spending enough time putting down roots that would have held him to the ground during that great windstorm!

The little pine was not growing branches but was growing a great big root so the windstorm could not pull him from the ground.

And as the wind and the rain went away, the little pine realized he was getting taller and taller!

The shade of the mighty oak was not there anymore, and the sun was shining proudly on the little pine.

The little pine grew and grew until one day it was taller than any other tree in the forest. All of the animals from the forest came to play on its mighty branches and sit under its cool shade.

And the mighty pine let them as long as they promised not to step on, or shade out the little tree trying to grow in the forest below.


The End And "Good Night"

Bob Morgan is the author of the children's books,
"Bob-Tales: A Collection of 50 Bedtime Stories, and
"Bob Morgan's Children's Stories In Series".
Contact Bob at Bobmorg393[at]
©Bob Morgan 2006

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