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Lewis, the Lightning Bug
By Bob Morgan


December 09, 2006

Lewis was a lightning bug, but he was no ordinary lightning bug! When he lit up, he really lit up! He was so bright that you could see for miles and miles, even on a very dark night. All of the other lightning bugs would not play with him because he was so strange. But he was a very good bug and so sad because the other bugs would not play with him.

In some places in the world, Lewis would be called a "Firefly." Would Lewis be called a "Lightning Bug" or a "Firefly" where you live? Lewis liked to be called a "Lightning Bug," but he is a nice bug and he wouldn't mind at all if you called him a "Firefly."

jpg Lightning Bug

In the same yard where Lewis lived, there was a house where Johnny lived. And poor little Johnny had a problem. He was always afraid to go to sleep because he always thought that he heard noises under his bed. It was always dark under there, and Johnny was afraid to look and see what it might be. His mother and father would always look under the bed for him and tell him it was all right. But after they shut the bedroom door, Johnny would hear the noises again. It would frighten him so much that he could not go to sleep. Really, there were no noises, but Johnny just thought there were!

One day just as it was getting dark, Johnny was playing in the yard when he saw Lewis light up. He was so bright! Johnny went over to Lewis and saw the sad look on his face. "Why are you so sad?" Johnny asked Lewis. "No one likes me because I am so bright," Lewis said. "Well, I like you because you are so bright and different!" said Johnny.

Now Lewis and Johnny became good friends that day. They played and played until Johnny had to go into the house and get ready for bed. So Lewis flew up to Johnny's bedroom window to stay there for the night and be close to his new friend. He saw Johnny go to bed and told him goodnight. Then Lewis went to sleep. But something woke him up! It was Johnny crying because he was afraid to go to sleep. He just knew that there was something under his bed!

Lewis tapped on the window. Johnny came over to the window and let Lewis in. "What is wrong, Johnny?" Lewis asked. "Every night when I try to go to sleep, I hear noises under my bed and I am scared!" Johnny said. "Let me take a look," Lewis said. He flew under the bed and turned on his lightning bug light and showed Johnny that there was nothing under the bed. That light really lit up the bedroom!

"I'll tell you what," Lewis said. "I'll sleep under here tonight and every time you think you hear a noise, just poke me and I will light up and you can see for yourself that there is nothing under the bed." "Will you, please?" Johnny asked Lewis. "If you do that, I will be able to sleep all night!"

So Lewis and Johnny went to sleep, and you know what? They both slept all night! They were both happy, and they couldn't wait until the next day so they could play with their new best friend!

Time for bed. Lights out! You too, Lewis!

Good Night!


Bob Morgan is the author of the children's books,
"Bob-Tales: A Collection of 50 Bedtime Stories, and
"Bob Morgan's Children's Stories In Series".
Contact Bob at Bobmorg393[at]
©Bob Morgan 2006

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