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NTVFD Fee Increase
By Mary Henrikson


January 06, 2007

At the present time I am against hiring a new employee for the North Tongass VOLUNTEER Fire Department.

If the NTVFD raises it's fee 100% is that not usery? Isn't that kind of tax/fee illegal, and if not, why not? At the very least the ONE HUNDRED PERCENT fee increase is fodder for revolt? Will the residents of North Tongass see their insurance rates go down 100%, 50% or even 5% or 1%? When I asked why they needed yet another full-time employee, one of the answers was,"We need someone to answer the phone when we are out of the office or on vacation." Isn't there is call forwarding and voice mail and even cell phone coverage this century?

So what we need to know up front, and printed in a public place/forum is what the new employee will cost: wage, vacation, insurance, retirement? I've heard upward to $95,000/yr. I do hope I've heard wrong, but I want to know. We need to see a job description and applicant requirements that justify this kind of steller wage package. If we need to pay that much because it costs so much to live here, well...duh.

I am against the new employee based on what I know, convince me.

Mary Henrikson
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 05, 2007 - Published January 06, 2006

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