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Micro-managing the war
By Anita Hales


January 09, 2007
Tuesday PM

Mr. Grams has his opinion about the war in Iraq and its continuance. That is his choice. My point was not whether it is right or wrong to be there but the fact that we are there and we need to succeed.

I'm sure the President knows many things about this that we do not. If public opinion, which is easily swayed by the media, is allowed to be the manager of this conflict, we will lose. The media could, if it chose to do so, just as easily move public opinion in favor of our being there. There is one sided reporting both in favor and against but mostly against our staying in Iraq. Public opinion hasn't always been negative.

If we lose, Iraq will most assuredly become another Iran ruled by militant Islamists who care nothing for freedom and everything about killing everyone who doesn't agree with them.

The nation of Israel will be at greater risk.

There's a lot more at stake here than the piddly amount of oil we get from the region. (Most of our oil comes from South America).

Congress should not be micro-managing either. Neither should the President. Oversight is what is allowed by the constitution. Our military men on the ground are the best to know how to proceed.

It is micro-management that got our guys killed in Somalia.

Maybe the war is not popular but we can't afford to let the fledgling government of Iraq fail. Right now they are too unstable.

If you want to see a bloodbath, let us pull out.

80% of Iraqis voted for a democratic government. Don't you think we should help them as much as we can?

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 08, 2007 - Published January 09, 2006

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