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Re: Micro-managing a war
By Rick Grams


January 07, 2007
Sunday PM

With respect to the author of this opinion, I recommend some investigation into the actions of the military (under the leadership of President Bush as "Commander in Chief"). As a person who wholeheartedly supported removing the "Butcher of Baghdad", it does not automatically mean we should maintain a presence in that country. Hussein was a person who was truly evil and had the same hopes for society as Adolf Hitler - they really were not too very different. If you don't believe me I challenge you to read Mein Kampf.

However, the continued presence of the US military throughout Iraq has created problems for both Iraqi citizens and the US Military. Perhaps most of the people in the United States were not aware of the Bush Administration's desire to maintain a continued presence in the country of Iraq, yet that is exactly the goal (just as America has bases in Germany long after WWII). Furthermore, the Bush Administration has done everything within its power to assure a long term military base is established in Iraq with very little public notice.

I encourage everyone to do their own review of national and international news articles on this subject.

Here's the bottom line. While the United States has the power and resources to be a positive change in the world, our leaders within the Federal government continue to be on the same destructive path developed through the Cold War. This is an attitude and perspective that robs the funding of the federal programs here at home, and this is something that must change.

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 07, 2007 - Published January 07, 2006

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