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NTFD -Tax Cap-Consolidation
By Cheryl Henley


January 09, 2007
Tuesday PM

I am against an increase in the service fee for additional personnel for the new North Tongass Fire Department. I was unable to go to the meeting due to horrible weather conditions and voice my opinion.

I voted against consolidation, and glad that it was defeated. When I arrived in Ketchikan the borough government consisted of Don King, Karl Steward, several office personnel. The population of Ketchikan wasn't much over 8,000 more or less. We were not taxed so much that it became a burden to share costs for all of us.

I believe that the administrators of the town need to have a tax -cap , and budget cut now. Enough is enough! The people of this town need to not just start a tax -cap petition , but enforce it. The budget for the Visitor's Center is ridiculous. Who benefits; the grants they get aren't free. Schoenbar , who is responsible for that 12.5 million dollar fiasco? Step up, guys. Yes, ask for more money, higher salaries, etc. Why do we need a design study for housing for the elderly residents, etc. Mr. Zastrow. How about saving the money and using the design we have used for the low income housing that was just rebuilt . I'm talking about the low income housing across from the Pioneer Home.

I like this town a lot, and hope to live here til I die. But, the question will be - will I be able to afford it at the rate our taxes, service fees, water costs, sewer tax, etc. keeps rising?

Cheryl Henley
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 08, 2007 - Published January 09, 2006

About: "I have lived in Ketchikan since 1968 and taught here for 28 years."




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