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NTVFD/I was wrong
By Mary Henrikson


January 09, 2007
Tuesday PM

I received a phone call from Steve Phillips, board member NTVFD, telling me I was wrong about the $95K pay package, that might be offered to a new full time employee of the North Tongass volunteer Fire Dept. I also found out from Mr. Phillips the requirements of a new employee, should a new employee be hired, would be in fact quite high: fire fighter I and EMT II. the pay for such talent might run between $71-77K for the package which includes medical, retirement and other aspects required by State Law. I was also told my "real" rate would be an increase of about 19%, not 100% because of a property tax millage decrease. In addition, if the insurance rating of the department goes up and all things remain equal my insurance rates might go down quite a bit. This is better news.

I was grateful for the information, which tempers the frustration when citizens see taxes and fees go up, borough wages go up, all the while new employees are added at a time when the population is decreasing. To help fill the tax rolls, so we can afford such luxury, we new private jobs and private industry. Part of the above mentioned frustration relates to businesses not being able to make it here, like the Airporter, because of increased fees. I could see people leaving town, taking their business plans with them, because of increased costs on everything from permits to insurance, all required by law.

Thank you for this forum, I got the information I wanted and I got to share my frustration.

Mary Henrikson
Ketchikan, AK

Received January 08, 2007 - Published January 09, 2006

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