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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
December 20, 2010

Front Page Photo by MIKE SMITH

Thomas Basin
Front Page Photo By MIKE SMITH

Ketchikan: Interim Marketing Strategy for Sale of Ward Cove Property To Be Considered by Assembly - The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly will hold a regular meeting tonight at 5:30 pm in the Assembly Chamber located at 1900 First Avenue, Suite 144. On the Assembly's agenda tonight is an interim marketing strategy for the sale of Ward Cove properties for consideration. At the December 6 Assembly meeting, several Assembly Members encouraged a more aggressive approach to the disposal of the Borough’s Ward Cove properties at an Assembly meeting on December 6th. In response, Ketchikan Borough staff conferred with various real estate professionals to learn about options for actively marketing the Ward Cove properties until the subdivision process has been completed, and perhaps to continue with the disposal of the subdivided properties of Ward Cove.

The marketing strategy the Borough staff is recommending for the consideration by Ketchikan Borough Assembly tonight is to contract with a real estate firm as an exclusive listing agent for the property. It is the Borough staff’s opinion that an exclusive listing may be more productive than the other approaches because of incentive and continuity of the marketing operation within a single entity. This arrangement would be different from the agreement the Ketchikan Borough had for the sale of the 16 mile properties and the Reid Building. That contract was an open listing agreement with all of the real estate companies in town. That type of agreement does not give the participants the level of incentive to aggressively market property to the same degree as an exclusive listing would.

• Contracting with a real estate company in an exclusive listing agreement is expected by the Borough staff to result in the following:

• The Borough will be given opinions of value for the property as it exists now, as well as the parcels to be created through subdivision.

• The Borough and realtor will combine resources to develop a marketing package suitable for distribution to potential purchasers nationally and globally. The primary resource the Borough will provide is mapping.


• The realtor will use its marketing expertise and resources to focus exposure efforts for maximum effect, such as with identified industrial property seekers, working waterfront property seekers, and those who have special interest in the attributes of Ward Cove.

• Individual companies that have been identified as having a potential interest in the property will be contacted to solicit interest such as off-shore oil companies (e.g. Shell oil), shipyard interests, or rare-earth mining interests.

• Prior to the Borough receiving an offer, the prospective purchaser will have their financial abilities verified to ensure the capability exists to purchase the property.

The Borough staff proposes to the Assembly that the obvious question is how to choose among the local companies. To answer that question, staff solicited input from the real estate companies in town and came up with the following list of criteria for choosing a successful proposal:

• Does the candidate have any credentials or affiliations specifically for marketing commercial and industrial properties? Examples could include membership in the Society of Office and Industrial Realtors or accreditation as a Certified Commercial Investment Member.

• Is the candidate part of a national or international Multiple Listing Service? Staff feels this is critical to have national exposure.

• What is the candidate’s budget for marketing the property, is there any cost to the Borough and what is the amount? - More...
Monday - December 20, 2010

Ketchikan: Flags Lowered for Former Lawmaker - Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has ordered state flags to be lowered to half-staff on Tuesday in honor and memory of former state legislator Walter “Wally” Kubley. The former Ketchikan representative passed away Tuesday. He was 89.

“Sandy and I were saddened to learn of the loss of Representative Kubley,” Governor Parnell said. “He was always ready with a smile and warmth for everyone he met and will be remembered for his tireless service to the State of Alaska. We will keep his family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.” - More...
Monday - December 20, 2010



Dave KifferDAVE KIFFER: Relaxing in the Mouse House - A couple of months ago, my wife gave our son an interesting proposition.

Would he rather have another birthday party at the Rec Center or would he rather spend his 10th birthday at Disneyland?

You would have had to scrape most 10 year olds off the ceiling after making such an offer. But Liam is a suspicious sort. He paused and gave us a skeptical look.

We’re used to that look. Every time we try to feed him something that isn’t macaroni and cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich we get it. It’s the “are you trying to poison me” look.

But we were still a little surprised because we had expected that scene that you see with the TV commercial families where the kids dance wildly around the room when the parents – staring at the computer - suddenly realize they can “afford a Disney vacation.”

I suspect that Liam was just doing the mental calculation of how he wouldn’t get as many cheap plastic toys for his birthday if we didn’t have a soiree with all his little friends (none of whom would be in Disneyland with him, suffice it to say).

We swallowed our disappointment and went ahead with the Disney birthday anyway. We had an ulterior motive. We like Liam’s friends well enough on a one to one basis. We do not like them as a herd, all jacked up on pizza and birthday cake.

And the Rec Center is a great place to have a birthday party, but only if you’re doing the drop off/pick up while your offspring enjoys someone else’s party. You don’t want to be the “parents in charge.”  Been there, done that. Got the frosting stained T-shirt.

So we finally convinced Liam that we weren’t kidding and he eventually signed off on the idea of spending his birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth, as long as we didn’t try to make him eat anything besides grilled cheese sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.

It’s probably a sad commentary on the stage of our dotage as “older” parents, but sometimes you want to have a vacation with as little complication as possible. No hiking the Olduvai Gorge. No three-week bus trip to Bosnia. Even a beach vacation in Hawaii or Cancun can be a little complicated if the beach is more than about six feet away from your room. We are now officially boring. Ho hum. - More...
Monday - December 20, 2010



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letter Open Letter: DREAM Act By Byron Whitesides - It is reprehensible that the Senate leadership wants to force the DREAM Act amnesty on the American people during a jobs depression.  Not only is Sen. Reid ignoring the 9.8 percent unemployment rate, he is asking you to risk your own political neck in the process! - More...
Monday - December 20, 2010

letter TSA pat-down, security & health-risk By Virginia (Ginny) E. Atkinson - TSA is going a bit overboard with security at airports. Is America getting that paranoid that passengers need to be embarrassed in front of total strangers? How much further will TSA go before they draw the line on people's privacy, or what's left of privacy in this country. Pilots get a free pass just because they operate the plane, a real genius idea. A pilot would be a terrorist's prime target when it comes to disguising themselves. How else can airlines make it easier for terrorist to board a plane when pilots can go pass security without a pat-down, and certain passengers are being singled-out and treated like criminals. What's the point of pat-downs and screening passengers when pilots get by Scott-free, is that being fair to everyone else that have to go through the process? - More...
Monday - December 20, 2010

letter Correction: Cape Fox Corp bidding troubles By A. M. Johnson - I have been advised that Scott Bowling did indeed make note of the Cape Fox bidding situation in the weekend edition of the Ketchikan Daily News of October 2/3, 2010. - Page...
Monday - December 20, 2010

letter Cape Fox Corp bidding troubles By A. M. Johnson - Congratulations to ProPublica! This is the quality of investigative journalism the "Old" journalism schools taught. - More...
Friday - December 17, 2010

letter RE: Coast Guard Beach By Glen Thompson - Mr. Arriola is incorrect on a couple of points in his letter regarding Coast Guard Beach. First, Coast Guard Beach is NOT publicly owned. It is owned by the Mental Health Trust, they simply allow the public to use it without objection. - More...
Wednesday - December 15, 2010

letter Coast Guard Beach By Ken Arriola - Not quite sure what Eric Muench's point is, but a few points should be brought to light. First, Mental Health Trust owns and legally has every right to develop the land adjacent to Coast Guard beach. - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter We are about to lose Coast Guard Beach. By Sonja Alvarez - The Alaska Mental Health Trust applied for a rezone from  Public Land & Institutions (“PLI”) to Low-Density Residential (“RL”) at the October 12  Planning Commission meeting; MHT did not appear; the issue was deferred to Tuesday, December 14.  Initially only the neighborhood was notified, but due to an article in the Ketchikan Daily News, dozens of citizens appeared and testified.  This provided MHT with a window into the reaction of this community.  At a November 16 Work Session, Mr. Greg Jones, Executive Director, MHT Land Office, stated the purpose of MHT lands is to provide funds to its beneficiaries; and that they are intent to do this with CGB, either with sale or being its own developer.  A rezone to RL will “up zone” the parcel and increase its cost.  To immediately approve the rezone will therefore increase the valuation should the Borough want to purchase or trade for it later. - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter Coast Guard Beach By Ken Leland - So they want to turn the Coast Guard Beach into another housing development, eh? The first question that enters my mind is, who stands to gain from this boondogle? Certainly not the majority of residents of Ketchikan. There are some hidden powerful forces at work here, looking after THEIR interests, not OUR interests. Speak up before it's too late! - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter Student organization By Jenessa Albertson and Selena Barajas - HOSA, Health Occupation Students of America, is a student organization which is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education Division of ACTE, whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality healt care to all people. Through HOSA, students learn how to care for patients in multiple settings. - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter Clover Pass Community Church's 'A Singing Christmas Tree' By Shirley McDonald - I just wanted to thank Clover Pass for putting on yet another spectacular performance. Even tho last year was my first year of getting to see it .... I keep telling myself I will never miss another and thank goodness they do it for 3 days so I have a good running chance at it! - More..
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter Gone but not forgotten By Kim Hannah-Darvell - You would never know looking at the small entry way by the emergency door of Ketchikan General Hospital that miracles happen there. I entered just a few short months ago, clutching my proverbial 10 ft. pole with my good arm, my left arm guarded by my side after a severe break and weeks of immobility. - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter KCCB concert By Judith Green - The concert today given by the Ketchikan Community Concert Band was once again a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. - More..
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letter Ketchikan Borough Assembly: Gullible or Defiant By Charles Edwardson - I have not written in a while to this publication, sometimes my letters border on sarcastic and are edited, I don't mind the editing. I do mind not being put into the conversation. I wrote a rather pointed letter a while back about "The magical world of Oz" meaning the Ward Cove property and the borough assembly leading us down the "yellow brick road" once again. So here goes -- if it makes it in Sitnews, I'll see this coming week. - More...
Monday PM _ December 13, 2010

letter Open Letter: Gravina Access By Peter Ellis - IS IT NOT ABOUT TIME FOR AN UPDATE OF THE 3-8-2010 WEBSITE MATERIAL BY THE GRAVINA ACCESS PROJECT? - More...
Monday PM - December 13, 2010

letterSave Coast Guard Beach By Eric Muench - Coast Guard Beach is a 70 acre parcel near Point Higgins with open forest, the longest stretch of sandy beach along the Ketchikan road system, and ≤ mile of natural waterfront. It has been used for school camping trips, nature education and public recreation for generations. It is now under threat of being chopped up. - More...
Thursday AM - December 09, 2010

letter A PROSPECTIVE WINDFALL By David G. Hanger - I found Merrill Stulkin’s reasons for supporting Joe Miller somewhat curious, and I think it suggests the prospect for an unexpected windfall. Mr. Stulkin believes in limited government, so he claims, the kind that Joe Miller espouses, i.e. no social security, no unemployment benefits, no food stamps, no government assistance of any kind, basically. - More...
Thursday AM - December 09, 2010

letter Joe Miller By Charlotte Poirier - It seems to me if it's not Joe Miller's way, it's no way. - More...
Thursday AM - December 09, 2010

letter Security Requires A Strong Military By Donald A. Moskowitz - The Obama administration is contemplating major reductions in the Defense Department budget to help cut into the huge deficits incurred by the President and his Washington cronies.  They plan on reducing our conventional military forces, and increase special operations units to combat the terrorist threats around the world. - More...
Thursday AM - December 09, 2010

letter Ward Cove again! By A. M. Johnson - It is not my intent to be a fault finder, however, December 3'd has come and passed. Hopen and Associates have missed the extended deadline for earnest money payment. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter Keep KPU Telecommunications Public; Contract Out Ketchikan Public Library By Robert Warner - With the coming holiday season it is pathetic to note that Ketchikan city management continues its scheme to sell KPU Telecommunications, an organization that actually serves citizens well and earns a profit for the city.  If sold, will we face sharp rate increases?  Will we have to speak with an operator in India when we have a telecommunications problem?  With telecommunications rapidly overtaking traditional books and libraries as the prime source for research and learning, Ketchikan still has the opportunity to develop and shape its own service to fit the needs of our citizens.  This is a rare opportunity, especially for a small community like Ketchikan.  To date KPU Telecommunications has a excellent record of meeting this challenge.  Why can't the city manager start serving the public and answer these important questions before any attempt to sell this division takes place? - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter Kudos to KGH By Jackie Brozena Herter - Our mother Coralee Brozena, who recently passed away, was in Ketchikan General Hospital's long-term care facility for three years. I would publicly like to thank ALL the staff for their wonderful care. We're not always easy to be around as we age and have health/pain issues, but everyone was very kind and caring. Ketchikan should be proud of their fine hospital staff. Dr. Liljgren was very giving of her time and communicated well with the three of us daughters long distance. The peace of mind being able to ask questions and get clarification was invaluable. Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter Why Sell Ward Cove??? By Kimberly Peters - Why does the Ketchikan Borough want to sell Ward Cove? It seems the deals always fall through. I think the borough should put in a new harbor and try to make some money instead of trying to get rid of such a great piece of property. - More...
Tuesday - December 07, 2010

letter Part 1: Lowering taxes didn't increase oil output By Sen. Hollis French & Rep. Les Gara - Alaskans deserve a fair share for the oil produced in this state.  Alaska’s Constitution says all Alaskans own our oil in common, and it should be developed for our "maximum benefit."  We also need to encourage production, and jobs. That’s something the Army Corps of Engineers didn't help with when it blocked needed oil development in the National Petroleum Reserve this year.  The truth is that achieving both goals is complex, and if we want strong production and a fair share of oil profits so we can fund our schools, roads, public safety and savings, we need to put aside the sound bites of campaign season. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter Part 2: Lowering oil taxes doesn't guarantee investment By Sen. Hollis French & Rep. Les Gara - Few subjects provoke more controversy than oil taxes.  If oil is taxed at too high a rate there’s a risk that crucial investments don’t get made in the state’s most important industry.  If oil is taxed at too low a rate then we fail in our constitutional duty to ensure that our oil resources are developed and used for the maximum benefit of all Alaskans. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter Herring fisheries By Robert McRoberts - Over the years some very good letters have been written on this site -- such as why we should oppose this type of fishery, or some about certain areas. When Kah Shakes fishery first started I was a young boy working for my brother in-law Frank Jaynes. he was trying to keep diversification in his fishing to keep money coming in throughout the year. We would also pack herring on his boat the Patty Lynn. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 07, 2010

letter2010 Alaska U.S. Senate election By Trapper Bishop - I am writing this piece to offer some advice for Joe Miller: accept and concede. Although I personally supported Joe Miller, the time has come, I believe, in which Joe needs to realize the people of Alaska have spoken and Senator Murkowski deserves to be sworn in next month. - More...
Thursday AM - December 02, 2010

letter Unique learning opportunity By Robert Warner - Perhaps the last election provided most Alaskans with a unique learning opportunity.  It was a good spelling lesson that we can all benefit.  Let's see! - More...
Thursday Am - December 02, 2010

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