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TSA pat-down, security & health-risk
By Virginia (Ginny) E. Atkinson


December 20, 2010

TSA is going a bit overboard with security at airports. Is America getting that paranoid that passengers need to be embarrassed in front of total strangers? How much further will TSA go before they draw the line on people's privacy, or what's left of privacy in this country. Pilots get a free pass just because they operate the plane, a real genius idea. A pilot would be a terrorist's prime target when it comes to disguising themselves. How else can airlines make it easier for terrorist to board a plane when pilots can go pass security without a pat-down, and certain passengers are being singled-out and treated like criminals. What's the point of pat-downs and screening passengers when pilots get by Scott-free, is that being fair to everyone else that have to go through the process?

Before I get attacked by anyone, especially a pilot, I need to explain why I mention about pilots in the TSA pat-down. The reason I brought up about pilots is because some years ago a commercial airlines in another country had a tragic ending with no survivors, it turns out the pilot was involved in that incident. He was a pilot but was also a terrorist carrying out a deed meant to harm everyone on board the flight. So is TSA/Homeland Security doing the right thing by letting pilots get by just because he/she operates the plane? After an incident that happened so many years ago in that country, don't be too confident that it won't happen again, and could happen here in America. It still doesn't make sense why TSA/Homeland Security singles-out certain people just because he/she looks or dresses a certain way. That is what you call; a tragedy waiting to happen.

Security at airports is getting so ridiculous that comedians are having a field-day on this issue. How much further can it go? Does this saying mean anything? 'Looks can b e Deceiving" Just because a person looks like a pilot doesn't mean he/she is a pilot. TSA picks and chooses certain passengers because they have that certain look. Yeah, right! This person looks so jolly and nice so let 'em waltz on through. Anyone can put up a phony 'front.' A person can look friendly and be mean as a pit-bull, or can look like he wants to kill someone and can be a gentle giant. Looks can fool anyone. Let this one through 'cause he looks so friendly as Casper the Ghost, next thing you know everyone is blown to bits. The same security ought to apply to flights coming to America and with a very limited amount of luggage. Is America getting that much closer to being a Police State, dictatorship or Marshall Lsw? Or just getting more paranoid out of their mind.

Meanwhile the terrorists are laughing America off planet earth watching TSA/Homeland security over reacting on these security checks. But then again with so many plots from our own ~home-grown~ American citizens/terrorist groups, who can be trusted anymore. Security is just getting a bit out-of-control. The problem is that screening at airports is getting just as bad as x-rated porn, and the 'crazies' have a good excuse to make fools of themselves and a few minutes of fame to be on national TV. Oh, well, anything to boost those ratings up, huh? So be prepared for more copy-cats. Utterly ridiculous.

While travelers are concerned about terrorist, some years ago studies showed that it can be a health risk being exposed to X-rays that passengers go through at airports. Is traveling more important than their health? Well, if terrorist don't kill off passengers all that exposure to x-ray radiation just might do the job.

'If there are so many experts in this country/world, why are there more problems than solutions?'

Isn't it amazing how security at airports or anywhere people travel, increases before every holiday. Hmmm, it must be benefiting someone or it wouldn't be happening at all. Have a nice Christmas, everyone.

Virginia (Ginny) E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK

About: "Long time Metlakatla resident."

Received December 19, 2010 - Published December 20, 2010



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