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By David G. Hanger


December 09, 2010
Thursday AM

I found Merrill Stulkin’s reasons for supporting Joe Miller somewhat curious, and I think it suggests the prospect for an unexpected windfall. Mr. Stulkin believes in limited government, so he claims, the kind that Joe Miller espouses, i.e. no social security, no unemployment benefits, no food stamps, no government assistance of any kind, basically.

I find it difficult to believe any of you can forget that Merrill Stulkin was among the loudest of voices demanding the biggest government bailout I have ever seen close up, this $5.5 million the Borough Assembly gave to these incompetent boneheads who allowed Gateway Forest Products to rip them off. Was this just a form of mass insanity, or was it something else, something along the line of an inside job resulting in the theft of $5.5 million of Federal money? Tell me, how is that so many purportedly reputable companies, managed by supposedly competent individuals, could do $5.5 million of work without a performance bond, without a financial bond, without any advanced payment, and without any insurance to cover possible financial losses? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

In fact it is not possible, and the only real question is how extensive was the conspiracy. Since the state police are nothing more than an adjunct of the Republican Party and the FBI sends its deadheads to Alaska, we are unlikely ever to know. But hoorah! We learn in fact that the recipients of all of this money are inclined to believe that government should not be giving money to anyone for anything. With such an attitude I am sure you all agree with me that these mighty captains of industry should give us back all that $5.5 million.

In the meantime, locals, never forget that the first big government bailout of the last decade was that $5.5 million, not the trillions the Feds gave to Wall Street, etc. In the first instance incompetence, dishonesty, and stupidity were rewarded by our local government. In the second instance incompetence, dishonesty, and stupidity were rewarded by the Feds. Lying and stealing for a living pays; that is the terrible message we are communicating to our posterity.


But the more likely windfall, of course, is this latest con job out at Ward Cove. Mary Lynne Dahl has already given these fools on occasion referred to as Borough administration plenty of reasons to run away from this latest Ward Cove scam right now, but having already partaken of their own kool-aid, as so often they do, one must remain skeptical of their ability to identify even a Nigerian internet scam.

As with any business volume is the key to profits. Volume in the instance of a waste management facility is more and more other people’s garbage, all rolling in on barges, lots and lots of stinking, god awful barges. And as more stinking barges roll in, I am confident you will find more cruise ships permanently rolling out. Maybe that’s a good tradeoff.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 08, 2010 - Published December 09, 2010


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