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Ketchikan Borough Assembly: Gullible or Defiant
By Charles Edwardson


December 13, 2010
Monday PM

I have not written in a while to this publication, sometimes my letters border on sarcastic and are edited, I don't mind the editing. I do mind not being put into the conversation. I wrote a rather pointed letter a while back about "The magical world of Oz" meaning the Ward Cove property and the borough assembly leading us down the "yellow brick road" once again. So here goes -- if it makes it in Sitnews, I'll see this coming week.

After reading Mary Lynne Dahl's letters and listening to her on the radio and just by the borough assembly interactions with the HOPEN group, you'd think our elected officials would get a clue. But alas, shortly after reading Mary's letter I read in the Daily News that the borough manager and the assembly are actually still conversing with HOPEN AND ASSOCIATES. I have to wonder are this many adults in one group really that gullible or are they just being defiant and proving to the rest of us that they are on top of things and they know something we don't about Hopen. The guy is obviously out of touch with reality if he thinks he's going to make diesel fuel out of garbage , harness wind power, tidal power, build a safe harbor, harness hydro power and then sell the extra water, all in Ward Cove -- Come on guys.

I have to think by the time this makes it in SitNews, if it does, we will see in the newspaper a headline saying all talks with HOPEN and Associates, have been suspended. If not, then my only comment is maybe we should sell cotton candy, as well for all of the kids who are going to visit the Ketchikan Borough Assembly's wonderful world of Oz.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Editor's Note:

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Mary Kauffman, Editor

Received December 11, 2010 - Published December 13, 2010


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