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Cape Fox Corp bidding troubles
By A. M. Johnson


December 17, 2010

Congratulations to ProPublica! This is the quality of investigative journalism the "Old" journalism schools taught.

My first observation was the exposure of the outright fraud corruption in the Federal Government bidding policies. Those of us who follow the happenings in our Government are aware of these situations, however unlike this exposing article, do not have access to confirm this corruption. Your article is a bright light focused on the subject of Government graft.

The second observation I make is the shock that each of the Cape Fox Tribal members is not a millionaire. The lack of positive impact on the Tribe is air sucking with the exposure that this Tribe has been taken advantage to the extent this article has exposed.

What does this say about the other numerous Tribes across Alaska that have been damaged by similar involvement?

The third observation made is the reminder of the huge financial investment the collective Native Corporations made in the recent election, in support of Senator Murkowski. It now reflects the secondary results of this article being printed. The "White Guys" who lead these Native Corporations, have manipulated the Tribes into forming a political funding body that the "White Guys" have used and will in the future to in effect, knee cap any political candidate running for State wide or National office. Senator Murkowski has sold her soul to this type of influence and for good reason, had Mr. Miller won, the very substance of this article would be in his target area. This fiscal involvement by the "White Guys" was nothing more than a defensive move. Understand this, when I reference "White Guys" it is to include the Washington D.C. "K-Street" lobbyist who are as dependent on corrupt governmental bidding to feather their personal nest, the Native Corporations in this instance is
nothing more than a tool.

My last observation was why a newsroom located in Manhattan exposes a Ketchikan issue. The local media surely missed the boat on what should be a huge local news story.


Ketchikan, AK

Correction 12/20/10:

Correction: Cape Fox Corp bidding troubles By A. M. Johnson

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First Published: Wednesday - December 15, 2010 - Updated December 17, 2010

Received December 16, 2010 - Published December 17, 2010


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