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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
January 13, 2006

Front Page Photo by Marie L. Monyak

Amy Russell, District Executive, and Rob Skinner, District Chairman, of the newly formed Scouting Council which is headquartered in Ketchikan.
Photo by Marie L. Monyak

Ketchikan: Ketchikan Could Become The Scouting Hub for Southern Southeast by MARIE L. MONYAK - This week's speaker at the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce luncheon was Amy Russell, an engaging young woman who has recently taken over the position of District Executive for the newly formed Scouting Council. The Council will serve Southern Southeast Alaska and will be headquartered in Ketchikan.

Russell is an energetic wife and mother of two toddlers, who possesses a passion for outdoor adventure. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in forestry she was employed by the Forest Service in Thorne Bay in the early 1990's. Russell went on to earn her Master's degree in Wildlife Science. Just one of her more daring adventures was caving on Dall Island where she assisted in the mapping of many of the caves. - More....
Friday - January 13, 2005

Ketchikan: Free-Ride Program Helps Bring In New Year Safely; Winners of CHARR's Free-Ride Raffle Announced By MARIE L. MONYAK - Don't drive drunk it's really, really stupid!" KJ Harris, owner of KJ's Raven's Roost, says it best. The police have another way of saying it... "You have the right to remain silent."

For 23 years, the Ketchikan Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailer's Association, better known as CHARR, has been keeping Ketchikan roads safe by offering free rides on New Year's Eve. Throughout the city, partygoers can call one of three cab companies for a free ride from 6 PM on the 31st until 6 AM on the 1st. For those traveling outside the city limits heading North or South, bus rides are provided at 12:30 AM and 2:30 AM. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2005


Top Stories
U.S. News
U.S. Politics


AudioAlaska: Governor Delivers State of the Budget Speech; Building Alaska and investing surplus in pipeline, education - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski outlined his plan to put the state's $1.2 billion in additional revenue to work in improving roads, K-12 schools and saving for a natural gas pipeline in his State of the Budget Address delivered Thursday in Juneau to the Legislature.

Murkowski said he would continue to invest in initiatives that provide a good return for Alaska and improve the business climate of the state.

"During my campaign for governor, I promised to get the state's stagnant economy moving again, create good-paying jobs and pursue an aggressive resource development agenda," Murkowski said. "My harshest critics would have to agree that as governor, I followed through with action on my promise even when it was not politically popular."

The governor plans to save $400 million of the surplus in preparation for a gas pipeline agreement. The state, which would own an equity share of the pipeline, is expected to finance 80 percent of its $4 billion share and would need $800 million in cash. This set aside would provide early funding for permitting and other construction activities following a gas pipeline agreement. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

National: Rice Calls for Security Council To Take Up Iranian Nuclear Issue By David Shelby - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice joined her European counterparts January 12th in calling for a referral of the Iranian nuclear issue to the U.N. Security Council.

Iran's decision to remove the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) seals from its nuclear research facilities "demonstrates that it has chosen confrontation with the international community over cooperation and negotiation," Rice said.

"We agree that the Iranian regime's defiant resumption of uranium enrichment work leaves the EU with no choice but to request an emergency meeting of the IAEA board of governors. That meeting would be to report Iran's noncompliance with its safeguards obligations to the U.N. Security Council," she said. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

PhotosNational: Rumsfeld Says Unconventional Enemies Seek Powerful Weapons - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says military and civilian leaders share "a great sense of urgency" as they confront enemies who seek increasingly powerful weapons as part of their arsenal of terrorism.

Recognizing the difficulty of trying to defend "against every conceivable type of asymmetric attack" around the world - 24 hours a day - requires the complete cooperation of many nations, he told reporters at a Pentagon news conference January 12.

That full cooperation is needed "for us to do almost anything in this global war on terror, effectively," the secretary said, including working to close the bank accounts terrorists need to fund their operations. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

National: Purple Hearts proliferate with war in Iraq By LISA HOFFMAN - America has awarded more Purple Heart medals to those who have shed blood in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan than at any time since the end of the Vietnam War.

At most recent count, nearly 19,000 U.S. troops have been - or are eligible to be - decorated with the medal, which honors the sacrifice of those killed or wounded in war. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006



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January 16, 2005, 5:30 pm - Ketchikan Borough Assembly regular meeting - City Council Chambers.
Agenda & Information Packets

January 19, 2005 - 7:00 pm - Recreation Plan Public Meeting at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, 50 Main Street. The meeting will be held in the Learning Center and people should go around to the back of the building to enter. The contact person for the Ketchikan meeting is Karen Brand at 228-4108.

Saturday, January 21, 2006, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. - Public Hearing - Petition by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough for Legislative Review - annexation of approximately 4,701 square miles to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. City Council Chambers, 334 Front Street, Ketchikan, AK
Summary & Annexation Petition & Exhibits

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National: After mine tragedy, FBI warns public of bogus e-mails By MOUSTAFA AYAD - Seizing on a national outpouring of sympathy for the sole survivor of the Sago mine disaster in West Virginia, a flood of bogus e-mails - purportedly from a doctor treating him - have been sent asking for empathy and money.

Forwarded to a number of staff at the West Virginia University hospital where the miner is being treated and an untold number of other people over the Internet, the messages are part of an online scam the FBI has tagged as fraudulent, bureau officials said. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

Petersburg: Forest Service Approves Scott Peak Timber Project - The Tongass National Forest recently approved the Scott Peak timber project involving the harvest of approximately 8 million board feet of timber from about 350 acres on northeastern Kupreanof Island within the Petersburg Ranger District.

"This project is part of our ongoing effort to effectively manage the Tongass National Forest," said Petersburg District Ranger Patricia Grantham. "It allows for sustainable timber harvesting activities on the Tongass to help local, family-run businesses keep operating and create jobs in southeast Alaska." - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

Science: Uncovered: Bacterial proteins that hide from immune system By LEE BOWMAN - Researchers have unmasked a gang of proteins that some of the world's nastiest germs use to hijack our cells and hide from attacks by the immune system.

The 24-member family of bacterial proteins, called effector proteins, is described by University of California-San Diego scientists in a report published Friday in the journal Cell.

By learning how these proteins are able to hijack the body's communications network to block responses to salmonella, shigella and pathogenic E. coli, the researchers believe they might have opened a door to new types of treatments against bacterial diseases. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

Science: Craft returning to Earth with specks from space By KEAY DAVIDSON - Pieces of a comet and dust grains from beyond the solar system are headed toward Earth aboard NASA's Stardust spaceship, and if all goes well early Sunday morning, the conical craft should descend at nearly 29,000 mph in a blazing fireball over Utah before making a soft, predawn landing in the desert.

Space agency scientists are preparing to helicopter to the landing site to retrieve the capsule after it has parachuted to the ground. The site is located on an Air Force weapons test range. With luck, touchdown will occur at 10 mph. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

Science: Scientists looking to volunteers to screen images for cosmic dots By KEAY DAVIDSON - Thousands of volunteers are lining up - online, that is - to help scientists analyze the first close-up pictures of primal matter from beyond our solar system.

Over the past seven years, invisibly small grains of interstellar dust have slammed into slabs of lightweight material aboard the Stardust robotic spacecraft, which is scheduled to fall back to Earth, landing in Utah, early Sunday. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

Science: Study: Colliding planets don't always stick together By LEE BOWMAN - The inner solar system's rocky planets are largely products of a cosmic bumper-car game lasting tens of millions of years, with collisions sometimes merging two bodies but often ending up as hit-and-run affairs, researchers report in a new study.

A team led by Erik Asphaug at the University of California-Santa Cruz used computers to run simulations of various scenarios, from grazing encounters to direct hits involving planets of comparable sizes to Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury. - More...
Friday - January 13, 2006

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