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Response To "World Government"
By Bob Caldwell


January 09, 2006
Monday PM

A world government as described by Bob and Miriam Harmon would be a wonderful thing.  If all the people of the world would live in peace with each other, sharing the bounty of nature and their particular homeland with no wars it would be a terrific culmination of world history so far.  Problem is it will probably never happen.  Human nature has not changed.  Some people, maybe a minority of people, are greedy for power and wealth and they find followers appealing to nationalism, tribalism, religious zeal or just to plain old greed.  Those people strive to take more than their share of nature's goodies.

Wouldn't it be great if we could eliminate all spending on police and prisons and jails and use that money to help the truly needy?  Great idea but does anyone really see it happening?  The Harmons' ideal world is a pollyannish view that just can't happen which is too bad but we have to protect our families and our own nation, the United States which for all its faults is closer to the Harmons ideal than any other kind of government in the history of mankind.
I have been reading your Opinion Section for more than two years and I applaud you for being so fair in publishing all viewpoints and I have tried to be openminded as a young person myself in evaluating the various ideas and philosophies of your contributors.  I wish the Harmons were correct.  Unfortunately Mark. Neckameyer and the others who counsel a strong defense are more practical and are more correct. 
My own ancestors lived in the British Isles and were farmers who had to defend themselves against Viking raiders who wanted to take away the goods and crops my forebears had earned through hard work.  It is no different today.  Right here in the US we have have built a prosperous society through the hard work of many immigrants to this nation and because of our free, capitalistic system.  We must protect what we have from today's equivalent of the Vikings.  We should improve the world by converting others to our system but we have to remain strong and free. 
Thank you Americans in the armed forces today and thank you to those who served in the past.  Thank you for everything we have and for our freedom and prosperity.  Mark Neckameyer and his family, being in wars every generation, are representative and typical of the individuals who have made us free and safe.  If we are not willing to fight and sacrifice we will not be free and safe.

Bob Caldwell
Portland, OR - USA

About:  Bob Caldwell is an accountant. He graduated from Oregon State U. four years ago.  Caldwell writes, "I have been reading your newsletter for a couple of years, ever since my bride and I took a cruise on Holland America and fell in love with everything Alaska and Ketchikan. You are so fortunate to live in "God's Country"!

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