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Donald Rumsfeld Didn't Send the Rght Message to Iran
By Mark Neckameyer


January 12, 2006
Thursday PM

Letter to the Editor,
I watched our Secretary of Defense today on television as when he was asked if the United States would use the military option to force Iran to stop developing atomic weapons he replied' "it would not serve any purpose for me to answer that question".  Huh?!
I am a big fan and supporter of Secretary Rumsfeld and his boss, George W.  That said it just seems to me that we would clearly  be doing better, doing the right thing if we made out intentions clear to everyone.  What if we put it this way ... "Stop developing nuclear weapons now and allow the U.N. to verify or we will use powerful weapons to destroy your nuclear program and along with it, much of your armed forces, bases, airforce, etc.  If you attack us or any of your neighbors as a result of our defensive actions (read Israel or Saudi Arabia), we promise that we will call on our submarine "boomers" now off your coast to incinerate everything Iranian in an instant.  You have until noon Saturday to make up your mind."  We should send this message by way of leaflets to the Iranian people as well as have it delivered the usual diplomatic way. 
Seems to me that laying out our cards honestly like this would get the result we want ... Iran living up to the non-proliferation treaties they signed, with no misunderstandings and with a likely saving of life and property.  The alternative is probably a war in the middle East between Israel and Iran and if that does not happen and Iran does get "nukes",  they will certainly share their bombs with terrorists and we will kiss New York and who know which other of our cities goodbye.
Why shouldn't we take this course of action?
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


About: Mark, a frequent contributor to our Opinion section, presently resides in Southern California but has plans to retire to spend Summers on the Alaska coast in two years.  He has been an active volunteer in a variety of civic activities including animal charities and MADD and he has been a volunteer in his local Republican Party during elections.



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