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On World Government
By Josep Ll. Ortega


January 11, 2006
Wednesday AM

A world government as described by Bob Caldwell is a straw man that serves no purpose but trivialize a most serious matter. A world government is necessary not because "all the people in the world can live in peace with each other, sharing the bounty of nature and their particular homeland with no wars", but precisely because that is not true. The world has many problems which must be construed in a global scale and must be solved in global action.

Of course, if one thinks the USA must defend as nation its right to contribute to global warming, to preemptively attack any country because it is supposed to pose a threat in the future, to rip off the wealth of developing countries, or to act beyond its own laws when that suits it, without anyone being able to question it, then it would be best if the USA cut all links with the rest of humanity and closed frontiers.

Otherwise, we all live in the same world, we share a number of responsibilities, we face a number of problems. There must be some way to advance towards democratic global governance, which should not mean leaving all governance to a new global government, but "the deliberate pooling, through democratic processes of consent, of strictly limited and carefully defined portions of sovereignty of the individuals so as to obtain what cannot otherwise be had" (Alan Cranston, The Sovereignty Revolution).

From abroad, Bob, as American citizen, sounds at the same time on defensive and prepotent. Thinks should be simpler, we all need to collaborate and in special cases, concerning global issues to be able to make global decisions. This doesn't mean any attack on the achievements of the USA, and of course on nobody else's. I doesn't mean the USA must change its way of life, and this applies to everyone else, except in what concern global matters and human basic rights. What is to be feared from that?

Josep Ll. Ortega
Community of World Citizens
Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra


About: Josep Ll. Ortega was born in 1954 in Spain, but he has lived since 1978 in Andorra, a tiny country between Spain and France, in the Pyrenees. He is a psychologist, and has worked most of his professional life in special education. He now works as a financial director. For many years, he educated himself about global injustice, environmental problems and serious innovative solutions, including democratic global governance. As a "world citizen," he writes, "I believes that loyalties to the planet and humanity must come before national loyalties. I am currently engaged in the project for a Community of World Citizens ("


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