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Efforts Applauded
By Frances C. Natkong


January 12, 2006
Thursday PM

I applaud Nyna Fleury, her friend and everyone who works so hard to prevent sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse of children. It's a widespread disease and it has to stop. The abuse is happening in every community and it's sad that most of the time the crimes (and yes, it is a crime and also a crime to cover it up) are hidden by family or friends and the offenders are free to offend again. And they will offend again it's been proven time and time again! Once a person becomes an abuser they will always be an abuser and the victim(s) will suffer for something done to them not only mentally but physically as well and I agree that it takes years before the victim can trust or heal if at all.

The internet also makes it so much easier for predators, offenders, and would be offenders to exploit and take advantage of children.

Once again I applaud Nyna for her efforts to stop this horrendous crime against children. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nyna!

Frances C. Natkong
E-mail: fcnatkong[AT]

Hydaburg, AK - USA



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