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More Email, Less Postage
By Marie Monyak


January 09, 2006
Monday PM

Dear Mr. Johnson and any new computer users; it's the millenium and the "techies" have been here and gone. I have good news for you, almost all businesses now send "e-bills" and prefer billing by internet.

I personally have all my checks direct deposited to my bank and they send my monthly statement by email. I rarely set foot in the bank anymore as all my banking is done on-line. I have my auto insurance policy and bill, my credit cards, GCI and various other bills sent to me by email and pay them in turn, on-line. Other than KPU who seems to be having a problem moving into this century, I handle all my finances by email and you can too.

Security is a huge concern and many new users are afraid of sending information over the internet. I am no techie by any stretch of the imagination but I have learned a few important steps to take.

Make sure that you have a good anti-virus program, firewall and spyware. (Think of it as gas, oil and insurance on your car. You wouldn't drive without them, don't run your computer without those three programs.) Second, there's what is known as a "secure" site. When you go to a web site that requires personal information, especially your social security number or account numbers, look to the lower right side of your screen for a padlock. You are assured that you're on a secure site and your personal information is "encrypted" so it cannot be read by a person of dubious character.

The third most important thing to remember is to NEVER go to a web site from an email that has been sent to you. Type the address of the site you want and go to it directly. This is especially important if you are going to give any information on the site. This is a rule you should never break.

As I said I am not a techie, in fact I'm a fairly new user myself and I learned from my favorite books; "Computers for Dummies." For this reason I explained things in a relatively simple manner for other new users.

As long as we pay for internet connections why pay for postage as well? I have my first book of 39 cent stamps and will probably not use them till it's time to send out Christmas cards again.

Happy and SAFE Surfing,

Marie L Monyak
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Marie L Monyak moved to Ketchikan just under 10 years ago from Reno, Nevada. She works every summer on the cruise ship dock selling tours and occasionally as a guide. She is also a freelance writer. She has no family except for two four-legged fur balls.


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