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In the dark of the night!
By Al Johnson


January 08, 2006

Well here we go again, postage stamps will increase in cost starting at Midnight (Dark of the night).

Perhaps some "Tecky" entrepreneur will begin thinking of a computer program to allow commercel enterprise to invoice and send statement via computer much as we use e-mail for personal need. Then the population will have to consider holding politician's
feet to the fire regarding any thought of taxing email.

The following is from today's Seattle Post.

"It will cost more to mail a letter starting Sunday. The U.S. Postal Service is increasing the fee to mail a first-class letter by 2 cents. You can buy new 39-cent stamps -- the new cost to mail a letter -- from the post office or 2-cent stamps to add to the 37-cent stamps you have left over. Other rate changes: A first-class letter weighing more than 2 ounces will cost 63 cents to mail; a postcard will cost 24 cents, and priority mail weighing 1 pound or less will cost $4.05. For other rate changes, visit"


Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Al Johnson is a longtime resident of Ketchikan.


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Thursday - January 05, 2006



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