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Where Do You Live?
By Jerry Cegelske


January 09, 2006
Monday PM

A friend of mine from Tok was telling me about driving 100 miles to work and after getting there he realized he didn't remember driving or any of the trip.  I guess he set both the car and his mind on cruise control when he left the house.
What does that have to do with us?  We do the same thing when we go to work or get off work.  Leaving work, we have a few errands to run and then the car just finds it way home without much help from us it seems.  When was the last time you thought something like "drive 12.3 miles north on the Tongass Highway, turn left on S. Pt. Higgins, right on Strawberry", etc?
You know where you live but can emergency personnel find your house or residence at night in an emergency under difficult circumstances?
Recently an emergency call came in to the N. Tongass Volunteer Fire Department requesting an ambulance be sent to the residence.  The ambulance responded in a timely manner, but drove past the residence because it was off N. Tongass and the address was not visible from the road in the dark and driving rain.  Fortunately things worked out then, but what if time were more critical?  Can emergency personnel find your home given the address?
The next time you drive home try to find your house by using the street address alone.  If it is not dark and raining sideways, think as if it were, can you see the house numbers easily?
Two of the best residence numbers can be seen along the new construction by Mud Bight.  There is a white pole with two plain residence numbers on it which are easily seen from the highway and tell emergency personnel where they are and that the residences are past the signs.  Sometimes the instructions to turn left off the highway at Mile 1.3 just past the big spruce with the two mailboxes across the road and then right by the junker pickup truck with the bathroom cabinet in it just doesn't get passed along when people are under stress!

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Jerry Cegelske is a Code Enforcement Officer with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.



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