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New Postal Rates
By Karen S. Hollywood


January 12, 2006
Thursday PM

Just a comment on the new postal rates: It will kill Alaskans on Ebay. Many already over charge or refuse to deal with us due to [percieved] ship charges.

Something I did a few years ago: Gather up all of the old, misc. stamps in your desk drawers, your junk drawers, etc., and put them all into an envelope. Take it/them to the post office. I stand there, and ask them to tell me each stamp's value, then write the correct values of each odd stamp on the envelope. Now, you can use 2 or 3 or 4 different stamps to make up the new postage rate. They are making money off of us because we can't remember the value of the "pink flower, First Class Postage" stamp, from the last increase, from the leftover old 25 cent ones in the drawer, or the postcard 18 cent ones I didn't use. I'll bet I still have some 1 cent ones from last time...

As far as everyone using so much E-mail that the USPS needed to 'up' the rates, I thought Ebay helped them make up the shortfall... and more.

Karen S. Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Karen S. Hollywood has Lived in Alaska for the past 26 years - Ketchikan and Metlakatla. She is a single mother of 5 sons, and has learned a bit about budgeting, organizing, and the regular people of this town. She also states she may be too opinionated for her own good.


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